Jesse Watters: Taliban return to power stokes Americans' fear ahead of 9/11

Jesse Watters: Taliban return to power stokes Americans’ fear ahead of 9/11

‘The Five’ discuss possible threats facing America after Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal

“The Five” discussed recent polls suggesting Americans feel less safe from terrorism under the Biden administration.

Host Jesse Waters opened by remarking in three days, American will mark twenty years since 9/11 “and the majority of Americans don’t feel safe from the terror threat.”

From a poll, he said that only 49% of Americans said that they felt safer from terrorism compared to before the 9/11 World Trade Center attack.

“Maybe this is why: President Biden has botched Afghanistan’s withdrawal and the Taliban’s return to power could turn the war-torn country back into a terrorist safe haven. DHS Secretary Mayorkas says that while there is no credible threat, he’s still concerned,” Watters said.

“He’s not too concerned because the border is wide open and people are just pouring across, so he can say that,” he added.

The panel agreed that the current administration had done little to project the image of security.

“When the world is spiraling out of control, it’s not only to keep us safe, their jobs, it’s to make us feel safe. And if you look at what happened in Afghanistan, clearly, but it’s also they have not stood up to China on the Wuhan virus,” Dagen McDowell said.

“But what you would hope is that they could at least trust Washington. You can dislike but still hope,” Dana Perino said

She added that the lack of trust in the nation’s security could impact voting in 2022.

“You could see a return of the security moms of 2004 because, yes, the economy is critically important, but if you do not feel secure, that’s your first priority,” Perino said.

“So if Afghanistan is a terrorist state, then that makes us the world’s largest sponsor of terror,” Greg Gutfeld responded noting the billions of dollars worth of military equipment the U.S. left in the nation.

Gutfeld also commented that Democrats often seem more concerned with Islamaphobia than actual terror attacks:

“[Mayorkas] said there’s no credible threat unless it’s white supremacists in face paint. You wonder why is it that when the Democrats enter power we instinctively feel less safe? It’s that reason because we’d met the enemy and to them it’s always going to be us. We’ve had terror under both parties, but we feel like the Dems are always more concerned about our phobic response to it.”

“So whenever there was something awful that would happen, a beheading or a terror attack, Fox News would cover it, but other cable channels would be obsessed with Islamaphobia,” Gutfeld continued. “So the phobic response then of the isolated attacks, they always often denied the signs of organic terror of converted Islamic radicals. Maybe if al-Qaeda decides to attack, they will identify as white supremacists, which by the way is cultural appropriation. That would probably be the most offensive thing about it to the hard-left Progressives.”

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