‘It’s unbelievable’ Woman ‘struggling for rent’ is given £5,000 and dream job

Undercover boss gives employee a 5k bonus to cover her rent arrears

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He said: “I want to invest in you. “I want to show you how much I appreciate what you do for us.

“I want to give you a small bonus, here’s a check for five grand.”

In pure shock, Jess broke down in tears and explained why this meant so much to her.

She said: “Oh my God, Thank you. You don’t understand.

“I’m just in quite a lot of arrears with my rent and everything and this is going to sort me out.

“It’s going to take so much off my shoulders, you don’t understand.”

Jess is the production operative in one of Mr Hussain’s samosa factories.

Before going undercover, he had plans to shut this department down as the production line was too slow.

The aim is to make six samosas a minute, but employees were struggling to make two.

Whilst undercover, Mr Hussain could not even meet his own requests and fell short of his own hourly production target.

Once he had revealed himself, he said to Jess: “I was seriously considering closing the samosa factory until I went undercover and worked with you, and I’ve decided against it now.

“It’s its not easy to improve efficiency, but I will make it happen.

“Jess you’re the type of colleague a new employee would want to be trained by.

“So, I would like to make you a team leader if you would accept.

“You get a 10 percent pay rise … and every time you hit your targets; you will get a bonus.”

Whilst on the job, Jess expressed her desire to be able to travel around the world and help people.

She said: “Some countries are obviously not as fortunate as us over here. I would like to go over and help people where I can.”

Jess explained that she wants to do something that will make an “impact” on someone else’s life.

Mr Hussain continued: “You said your dream job was to go abroad and help people in third world countries.

“For the next three years, every year I will send you abroad to Bangladesh for two weeks.

“You will help go and feed a family and feed a child, is that okay?”

Overwhelmed by the news, Jess explained: “I can’t explain it, I can’t explain how I feel, it’s unbelievable.”

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