‘It’s too much’ This Morning interiors expert gives warning when adding new shades to home

Georgina Burnett shares the top interior design colour for 2022

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The new year marks a fresh start for many homeowners which means it’s the perfect time to decorate and renovate their property. Fresh colours, designs and a change of scene can add new energy to rooms in the home. Rooms that looked previously tired and dull can be updated with a fresh lick of paint and new furnishings. 

As 2022 has started, many will be wondering how to inject freshness into their homes without splurging out.

Georgina Burnett, interior stylist, has shared on This morning some tips and home accessory picks to add the violet-blue colour “Very Peri” into Britons’ household without having to change it entirely.

Georgina said: “It’s a brand new colour set for 2022.

“It is basically a blue, but it’s infused with a red violet, so blue is a fairly cold colour this warms it up quite a bit.

“You’re going to be seeing a lot more of this colour.”

When asked about how is it different to other colours, Georgina replied: “It’s all of the different colours that are mixed in with blue.

“But the thing is it’s going to be very hard to find home accessories in that exact colour so you might paint a feature wall with it.

“I’m going to show you how to mix other colours in and which ones to use.”

Georgina advise against using the colour all around the house.

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She said: “It would be too much. The actual colour Very Peri is a great accent colour, so you might just dot it around or like I said, have it as a feature wall in a room.

“But I think purples, purple hasn’t been in fashion for a while and I think we’re going to see a lot mote purple this year.”

In Kitchens, Georgia suggested having appliances and utensils in the Very Peri shade.

She said: “Imagine if you have a fairly plain kitchen and you put a bread bin like this or an espresso machine – that will instantly funk up that kitchen.”

Georgina mentioned that dark blues go very well with this shade.

She said: “Dark blues go beautifully with Very Peri. It really cools it down a little bit.”

She notes how a big blue lampshade would go well in the centre of a room, making such a huge difference. 

When it comes to dinner sets most opt for neutral tones, however Georgina suggests making a statement with different colours in crockery.

She said: “You can have that in your kitchen or when you’re setting your table.”

Pale pink goes very well with the violet-blue colour.

Georgina said: “We’ve got a lot of pale pink in here because pink is next to purple and blue on the colour wheel so that gives you a very harmonious, what they call an ‘analogous’ colour scheme so that works beautifully as well.”

Other home accessories which are “cheap” and “brilliant” for injecting colour into the home are rugs, according to Georgina.

She said: “If you want to inject a big amount of colour into the room a rug is a really cheap way of doing that so you don’t have to decorate the whole room.”

As Very Peri goes with neutrals it is very simple to add to the home decor.

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