‘It’s amazing’: Mrs Hinch fans share ‘cheap’ hack to make bathroom tiles ‘sparkle’

White vinegar hack for limescale explained by cleaning expert

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Mrs Hinch fans often share cleaning advice on dedicated social media pages. Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Jacqueline Dickson wrote: “What are the best products to clean bathroom tiles? I want to make them sparkle”. The post attracted more than 30 comments from group members recommending products, including white vinegar.

Bathroom tiles can get dirty easily and for a number of reasons, including limescale and product residue.

If not cleaned regularly, product residue can be hard to remove and limescale can turn red.

To help keep germs and bacteria at bay, some Mrs Hinch fans recommended cleaning tiles as often as possible.

Taking to the comments, Emma Perry commented: “White vinegar and water. It’s cheap and does the job.”

Michelle Gray said: “I use white vinegar, it’s amazing.”

Lucy Martin wrote: “Dilute white vinegar with water and you can use it on every surface in the bathroom.”

Kim Marsh commented: “White vinegar will definitely get your tiles to sparkle.”

White vinegar is a great cleaning product due to its high acidity levels.

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It can dissolve soap scum, limescale as well as leaving surfaces shining.

A bottle of white vinegar can be picked up for as little as 39p in supermarkets.

Cindy Buckley recommended using Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser cleaning spray which can help to clean a variety of different surfaces.

Alison Young added: “I use Elbow Grease too, only need a small amount.”

The cleaning product can be picked up for as little as 89p from retailers such as B&M.

Sharing advice on the same Facebook page, Mrs Hinch fans also recommended using Viakal to clean tiles and grout.

Vicki Cockrell commented: “Use Viakal spray, spray loads of it and leave it to work, it’s magic. It doesn’t smell great but it works wonders.”

Vicky Mccombe added: “Viakal and a scourer but once it is off, the product will stop it coming back.”

Suzi Shelly wrote: “I love Viakal because it is a dedicated limescale cleaning product, so cheap and works on absolutely any surface.”

Viakal helps to remove dirt and bacteria trapped in limescale and helps to remove watermarks which often build up in grout.

It can remove even the toughest of limescale and is ideal for using in the bathroom.

The product can also be used on glass shower doors, kettles as well as irons.

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