iPhone 'hot weather' warning for billions as summer could ruin battery permanently – three ways to keep your device safe | The Sun

HOT weather could spell bad news for your iPhone – and its battery. Here's how to protect your device.

Beach season is here, but with the summertime also comes overheating smartphones.

The risks of your devices getting too hot are plentiful, from second-degree burns to battery explosions.

On that note, here are three ways to keep your iPhone cool this summer.

Don't leave your phone in the sun

While its ok for you to soak up some Sun, your phone needs to be kept in the shade this summer.

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This is especially the case if you're leaving your device inside your car, where temperatures can rise very quickly.

If there is no shade and it's very hot, experts recommend leaving your device in your bad and refraining from using it, if possible.

Lower screen's brightness

It's no surprise that your phone's display uses up a lot of battery, which, in turn, makes your device grow hotter.

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Warning for iPhone users to activate LIFESAVING setting or it could cost you

So if you want to avoid your device overheating, try lowering your screen's brightness.

In general, experts suggest keeping screen brightness somewhere between 65 and 70 percent as that can save you a lot of battery power.

However, in the heat, it's probably best to lower it as much as possible – after all, a cooler battery means a cooler smartphone.

Remove iPhone from its case

Removing your iPhone from its protective case is one of the quickest ways to cool it off.

This advice proves helpful especially if you're planning to charge your iPhone.

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keeping your iPhone in a well-ventilated place helps to ensure it stays cool.

Additionally, you will want to avoid putting your exposed phone on hot dashboards or under your pillow while sleeping.

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