Interior design: The style that can add over £127,000 in value to your property

Property expert outlines the UK hotspots on the housing market

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According to experts at Zoopla “2021 is set to be a record year for the housing market with the most moves by homeowners since 2007 and nearly £500billion of home sales”. With house prices increasing, what interior trend can add thousands onto a property price? analysed 10 of the most popular interior designs to determine which one could add the most value to your home.

The research revealed that the design style that can add the most value to a house price is mid-century modern.

The experts said: “This design style is characterised by a minimalist approach, clean lines, functional use, ornamentation, and organic shapes.

“On average, houses with this style are valued at £330,000, which is a whopping £127,980 more than the average house prices in the same area.”

Shortly following mid-century modern interior was Scandinavian, which could increase a property price by a huge £11,925.

Average house prices with this design are valued at £425,000.

Scandinavian interior design is a minimalist style which uses a blend of textures and soft hues to create a modern but inviting atmosphere.

It emphasises on bright, light and open spaces as well as simple furnishings.

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In third place was a bohemian interior design, which was said to add £76,320 to a house price.

According to, bohemian style is characterised by carefree layers of pattern, texture, and colour as opposed to neat structure.

In fourth place was shabby chic, which is typically composed of anachronistic vintage furniture with a distressed feel.

Lots of white, floral prints and natural textures are often included in a shabby chic interior.

According to the experts, houses with this style are worth £500,000 on average which is £67,924 more than houses without the style.

Following shabby chic was a contemporary interior, which is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, with a deliberate use of texture and clean lines. found the average price of a house with this style to be £290,000 which is more than £50,000 more than the average price of houses without the style.

Following contemporary was rustic, Art Deco, minimalist, industrial and vintage.

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Having a welcoming home may also help to sell a property faster.

Gemma Caulfield, Branch Manager at Bramley’s, said: “The interior is where you can make the biggest impact. 

“Buyers struggle to see past poor presentation, therefore declutter your home as much as you can to open the rooms up, although don’t remove your personality from it, you still want it to be a reflection of your family home. 

“Use colour to its advantage – a pop of an accent colour palette can create an inviting space. 

“Not only are you selling a home, but you are also selling a lifestyle so ensure you promote the unique selling points, whether that’s opening the bi-folding doors, lighting the rustic log burner or creating a calming ambience with candles. 

“Where a property is vacant but furniture is present, I always recommend leaving the bulky pieces in as this helps a buyer’s perception of size. Purchasers can then imagine their furniture fitting in by mentally replacing them for the items present.”

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