Interior design pro shares six home decor ‘sins’ to ‘never’ make

Styled UK share tips on best interior colour combinations

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Trends change with the seasons, and it can be hard to keep up with what’s in fashion, meaning many people opt to go for home decor which suits their style. However, there are certain design mistakes Britons make including ill-fitting curtains as well as having too much clutter. Here are the six style “sins” you should “never” commit – and how to fix them.

1. The wrong sofa

Experts at Oasis Interior Design told “Finding the right sofa for your home isn’t as simple as you might think. If it’s too large then it dominates the room, and if it’s too pale then it can look dirty.

“The number one rule is to measure your space, and we can’t stress that enough. Once you’ve done that, find a complementary colour that feels in harmony with the colour of the walls.

“Avoid big school arms and backs on your sofa too, they don’t provide enough seating but do take up vital floor space.

“If you do find yourself with a dominating sofa, place a large rug underneath with two important rules. Don’t match it to the colour of the floor and make sure it’s lighter than the sofa.”

This can help to create a feeling of “harmony” between the sofa and the room. For an extra fancy look, add some square cushions in the size 50cm which is a “sweet spot” size for a large sofa.

This also gives homeowners the opportunity to introduce a pop of colour into their living rooms without the feeling of it being too permanent.

2. Poorly chosen rugs

The interior pros explained: “Rugs are often poorly chosen, usually due to them being too small or the same colour as the floor and sofa.

“As a rule of thumb, always buy the biggest rug you can afford. Not only will it look fantastic, but it will be far less inclined to slip. Fortunately for anyone in the market for a rug, the jump from a medium to large sized rug is usually reasonable and will be a completely worthwhile investment.”

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3. Ill-fitting curtains

Having designed many show home interiors, the experts know how important the little details matter, especially when it comes to curtains.

Curtains can often go wrong because most people buy ready-made curtains which are often cheap, but don’t always fit. The experts noted: “The simple and fool-proof option here is to just go for blinds.

“Blinds not only fit your windows perfectly, which naturally gives them a cleaner finish, but they also let more natural light in while maintaining a sense of privacy. They are worth every penny.”

4. Exclusive use of grey

Grey is a colour many people pick for their homes, as it is neutral and can be used in a variety of different rooms. However, some people pick just grey decor for their homes too, which may be a mistake.

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The experts said: “It should act as a backdrop for more personality and colour around the house. Bring life into a grey room with the use of colours such as green, taupe, and a warm earth-toned terracotta.

“Don’t forget to introduce plants and artwork either. They both bring with them a lot of character and contribute to a much more dynamic living environment that feels naturally more relaxing.”

5. Too much clutter

Although decluttering the home can be good if you have lots of belongings, taking away too much can result in the home looking bare. To avoid an interior without “soul and personality”, pretend that you can only keep 10 items in the room.

The pros said: “If a room is looking bare, consider what you would like to see there. Think about the colour, shape and size of your vision while also bearing in mind the theme of the room.

“It’s useful to take a photo of the space so you can refer back to it if you see something you like while you’re out and about.”

6. Incorrectly positioning wall art

The interior design experts continued: “Hanging picture frames properly is such a simple fix but one that goes such a long way. The standard we work to at Oasis Design is 145cm to 155cm off the floor.

“If you have several frames, then hang them together to make a gallery. This works especially well if there’s a mixture of shapes and sizes.”

If you have pictures which are too small, consider reframing them into a larger one with a mount, it can create an eye-catching piece.

When it comes to mirrors, the experts recommended making sure to think about what they will be reflecting. They added: “It goes without saying, but clean your mirrors. A speckled mirror will instantly derail the sense of style you have created in your home.”

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