Instagram adds 'Posts You've Seen' feature that lists EVERY photo you've viewed – how to find it | The Sun

INSTAGRAM quietly introduced a 'Posts You've Seen' feature several years ago but it was swiftly axed – much to user's dismay.

Still, there are a handful of features that help you to keep track of what you've been looking at on the social media platform.

What is Instagram's 'Posts You've Seen' feature?

A feature called 'Posts You've Seen' was first spotted by social media consultant Matt Navarra in 2019 with help from tech site WABetaInfo.

It was designed to an answer a problem that has long plagued the app due to the algorithm order.

But Instagram then re-introduced the chronological feed.

The "Posts You've Seen" feature would keep a track of photos, videos and profiles you'd viewed, displaying them in a neat list.

If you had it, it was tucked between Saved and Shopping Bag in your Instagram settings.



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Where do I find the 'Posts You've Seen' feature on Instagram?

The feature was in testing in 2019 and was never rolled out to everyone on the app.

Four years on, it's unlikely that it will appear now – especially since Instagram revived the chronological feed.

Instagram isn't guaranteed to roll out any features that appear in the test build.

The platform regularly tests features, but not all of them make it into the live public version of the app.

It's possible Instagram received bad feedback about the feature and scrapped it entirely.

What other features does Instagram have?

While the 'Posts You've Seen' feature appears dead in the water, there are other ways to see what you've interacted with on Instagram instead.

In the main settings menu, you'll see Your Activity.

From there, you can select Interactions.

This will show you everything you've commented on, liked and Instagram Stories replies as well.


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