Inside the UK's filthiest car that is so full of rubbish the owner can’t take any passengers – but she's proud of it | The Sun

THE UK's filthiest car that is so full of rubbish the owner can't take any passengers has been revealed.

Unrepentant Lindy Winship, 60, from Manningtree, has claimed the dubious honour of the nation's messiest vehicle.

A photo taken inside her car shows the back seats full of clothes, Fanta bottles, rubbish bags and even a sweeping brush.

Lindy joked that she and her husband always thought the motor could win the ‘untidiest car in Britain’, saying: "She is effectively known as the graveyard as she’s used as a general run around and a mobile tip!

"Whatever needs clearing up or has been carried somewhere to clean up or repair around the farm, it all gets thrown in her.

"My husband even has all the bad snacks and drinks in there too."


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“When my husband loses tools, I always say it’s probably in the graveyard, so a frantic search begins for a much-needed tool, which creates more mess!

"Apparently, everything in her comes in handy at some point!"

Drivers from across the UK have been sharing shocking pictures of their cars in disarray as part of a nationwide competition by tyre and service provider ATS Euromaster,

And the owner of the messiest car has received a £200 Amazon voucher – perhaps to buy cleaning products to spruce up their vehicle.  

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However, Brits have been warned they could face an on-the-spot £100 fine and even three points for keeping a messy car.

There's no specific fixed penalty notice for untidiness.

But too much litter could fall under the driving without care and attention law.

More serious cases can go to court and result in a £2,500 fine and disqualification.

Helen Robinson of Euro Car Parts said: “Cleaning out your car can often fall to the bottom of your list of jobs.

"We’re sure that for many, these images may be a familiar sight.

“Giving your car a clean from time to time means you and your passengers will have a safer and more pleasant driving experience.

"We recommend cleaning the inside of your car fairly regularly, especially now that many vehicles aren’t being used as often, as unpleasant smells may build up."

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