Inside the Las Vegas trailer park with tiny homes where Zappos' retiring CEO lives with his 2 alpacas

  • Retiring Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh lives in a Las Vegas trailer park community along with his two alpacas.
  • "Llamapolis," while separate from Amazon-owned Zappos, is a part of Hsieh's bigger plan to revamp Las Vegas.

  • The community is made up of tiny homes and Airstream trailers.

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On Monday, Zappos announced CEO Tony Hsieh was retiring after more than 20 years at the shoe and clothing company. While in charge of Zappos, Hsieh moved the company's headquarters to Las Vegas — where he still lives — as part of a larger effort to make Vegas the new Silicon Valley.

In 2014, he transformed an abandoned parking lot in the area into a micro-living oasis. While his overall downtown development project has faltered, the trailer park is thriving. About 30 Airstream trailers and tiny homes make up the village called "Llamapolis," and Hsieh actually lives there with his two alpacas, Marley and Triton. 

While Hsieh has a net worth of about $840 million, he previously told Business Insider that he lives in "Llamapolis" because "[he] wanted to maximize serendipity and randomness in [his] life."

Below is a look at life within "Llamapolis."

The entrance to Llamapolis is a tunnel covered in recycled Christmas lights.

Day 38. How do you end up at @downtowntony's llama-occupied Airstream campground on Super Bowl Sunday? Step 1: Put in 58 hours of grinding the first week of Feb. Step 2: Have fun and drink lots at @rbartos1980 and @mikeferreiramha's SB party. Step 3: Keep drinking, and explore DTLV. #eastfremont #dtlv #llama #airstream #downtownvegas #vegas #lasvegas #downtownproject #entrepreneur #collision #happiness #tonyhsieh #gopro #goprophotography #vsco #vscocam #poker #pokerlife

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The smell of livestock washes over you upon entry, and it becomes immediately clear how the village got its nickname, Llamapolis.

Doing normal things in #DTLV #llamalopolis

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Marley and Triton, who are actually alpacas, live here with their owner and the CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh.

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They're not alone. The one-acre lot in downtown Las Vegas contains about 30 Airstream trailers and tiny houses where young professionals and visiting techies live.

About Las Vegas~The #tinyhouse movement has found its way to Downtown Las Vegas, with Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, living in a small Airstream trailer himself. #Airstreamvillage is an exclusive tiny house community right next to #fremontstreet. #charliemorningstarr #owner #noplanb #wealth #lifestyle #goals #grateful #artlover #designlover #passion #airbnbnotes #host #success #business #femaleentrepreneur #entrepreneur #vacationrental #airbnb #homeaway #realestate #Lasvegas #beourguest #detailsmatter #motivation #inspiration #airstreampark #femalebusinessowner

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Here's what Llamapolis looks like from above. A resident shot the video with a DJI drone.

I've been very blessed to live in this amazing #tinyhouse community now for 2 years! Here's a little promo video I shot with the @djiglobal #mavicpro / #airstreampark

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A 240-square-foot Airstream trailer rents for $1,200 a month, including utilities and Wi-Fi.

Llamalopis trailer park, better known locally as the Airstream park. A trailer park like no other, lined with sleek #Airstreams & craftsman style #Tumbleweed tiny houses. Part of the @downtownprojlv visionary revitalization efforts of downtown Vegas's #fremontdistrict. #TinyX #tinydoc #tinyhome #tinyhouse #roadtrip #thow #tinylife #tinyhousemovment #tinyhousenation #tinyhousevillage #tinyhouseparking #tinyhouseonwheels #tinyhouselife #tinyhousenews #tinyhouseswoon #nomadiclifestyle #nomad #greatamericanroadtrip #home #lasvegas #dtplv #tinyhousecommunity #tinyliving #community #goodvibes #homeiswhereyouparkit #urbanliving

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The community was inspired by the artsy ethos of Burning Man. Musicians often stop by and put on shows in the outdoor "living room."


Back at Airstream Village loving life with my Vegas Ohana…

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The shared living area is carpeted with AstroTurf and contains chairs, tables, art installations, and a fire pit.

Marley decided to be a model all of a sudden. Had to give him his moment of fame. #Llamalopolis #LIB #llamas

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The pool offers a convenient way to beat the Las Vegas heat.

😜No gig tonight means trailer park pool time! #airstreampark

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This swing looks like a cool place to hang.

Guest documentary film maker Eric Bricker filming our after-dinner jam with Daniel Park @danielparkmusic @alumination1

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Residents communicate with one another on messaging app Slack. According to one visitor, it's not uncommon for a person who ordered too much takeout food to message their neighbors an invite to join in.

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Community is central to Llamapolis. Hsieh (pictured left) told Business Insider in 2016 that his favorite aspect of living in the park is impromptu interactions with his neighbors.

Tony trying out the sushi beds #zappos #vegas #startuponabus #llamalopolis

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"I did it because I wanted to maximize serendipity and randomness in my life," Hsieh said about founding Llamapolis.

Yoga everywhere. #llamalopolis #trailerparkliving

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His pet alpacas live in a pen, but occasionally make their way into Hsieh's sleek Airstream trailer.

Woke up this morning to Marley the alpaca in my airstream still staring at me. #weirdsleepover #llamatrauma

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