Inside Adam Frost’s new garden that’s ‘peppered’ with trees – pictures

Adam Frost has presented BBC Gardeners’ World since 2016, alongside the likes of Monty Don. While he is no stranger to showing viewers around the many corners of his own garden, observant fans may have noticed that the 53-year-old moved house in 2022. The gardening expert traded his well-known country property in Lincolnshire for a more low-key family abode, and he’s made plenty of changes to the garden since.

While Adam’s new garden is smaller than his previous three-acre outdoor space, it’s still just as impressive thanks to his design skills.

In a recent episode of Gardeners’ World, the host guided viewers around his garden to point out the progress he has made since moving to the property.

He said: “I have been in this garden now for just over 12 months. But, in reality, I think it’s taken me that long to get my head around the space.

“I think I got to the point of coming out and feeling like I could see too much of the garden. Everything felt too open and I wanted to break it up.”

With a series of raised beds, wide borders, and a mix of both paved and grassy areas to work with, the gardening expert noted that he felt the “only way” to redefine the space was to add more structural planting.

Adam explained that in the past year, he had “gone to town on trees” because “they add so much to the garden”. And despite his expertise, he had opted for smaller, low-maintenance varieties that he had “peppered through the space”.

Among the new additions to the former Chelsea Flower Show designer’s garden was an ornamental salix, a euonymus – which is a type of spindle tree, and a pure white magnolia which has started to bloom.

The magnolia in particular had been strategically planted to fill a void in the space, which has many sections to explore.

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The garden may be home to a handful of standout features, though some of the most notable include the wildflower meadow, patio and large shed.

But one of the most unique elements in the space, which backs onto the York-stone exterior property, is the tiered flower beds.

As seen on Gardeners’ World, the soil-filled sections are positioned towards the back of the plot, with walled stone borders that match the house.

Pergolas with tree branches intertwined can also be seen throughout the space, which despite looking bare now, will come to life later in spring.

In the centre of the garden, next to the lawn and vegetable patch area, Adam revealed that the wide soil bed will soon be filled with species roses (Rose Hebe’s Lip), planted as bare roots.

He said: “A lot of people think, yeah but they only flower once, but they get fantastic hips that come later on in the year.”

The flowerbed is a work in progress for now, like much of the garden, though some areas appear more complete than when Adam first unveiled his new home on the BBC show.

This includes the green lawn, which is now much neater and has an enviable green hue that brightens up the paved areas.

In the gravelled section of the tiered beds, the gardening expert had planted small hedges to section off the lower patio space.

He explained that these will be left to grow until they reach around two feet tall to help “filter the worst of the wind” and “lift the temperature” of the raised section behind them.

To line the patio which travels up the varying levels of walled beds, Adam explained that he had planted more structured species, including a calycanthus which becomes covered in “wonderful deep crimson open flower” during the summer.

While it is unknown exactly where in the UK Adam’s new home is, it is understood that he lives there with his wife Sulina, and their four children, Abi-Jade, Jacob, Amber-Lily, and Oakley.

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