Insane £11,000 gaming chair has three screens, live webcams and a MASSAGER

A GAMING throne of dreams has been created by Acer and it has every feature you can think of.

The Thronos Air Gaming Chair will set you back an eye watering $13,999 (£11,500) but once you're sat in it you'll probably never want to leave.

The Thronos Air is a massive steel structure designed to encase users in a gaming experience.

It has three monitor mounts, an adjustable keyboard and mouse pad, a foot rest, a massage function and a cable management system to keep all the wire neatly stored away.

If you want even more features then you can accessorise with things like cameras and a cup holder.

The chair doesn't come with everything though as you'll have to add your own gaming computer, monitors and keyboards.

Despite the hefty price tag this is actually Acer's second gaming chair and it's much cheaper than the first one.

Acer revealed its Predator Thronos Gaming Chair back in 2018.

However, it has a £24,999 price tag.

You do get slightly more for your money with the original over the Thronos Air though as the chair features a power recline mode.

This mode means with just a click of a button you and all the tech you are encased in can tilt at 140 degrees.

Anyone looking to invest in one of these chairs should probably take into account its hefty weight and will need a floor that supports just under half a ton.

The Thronos Air should be available to buy this winter across Europe and North America.



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