Ingraham: Randi Weingarten's radical policies are a serious liability for Democrats

Angle: Randi the wrecking ball

Democrats are vulnerable everywhere, and if they keep dancing to Weingarten’s tune, the populist movement will only get stronger.

Laura Ingraham blasted American Federation of Teachers union President Randi Weingarten for being a “menace” to America during her monologue Thursday. 

“If there’s one person other than Joe Biden himself who’s most responsible for the woes of today’s Democrat Party, it’s this woman,” Ingraham said. “With [the union’s] radical political ideology and a huge budget to advance it, [Weingarten] has more influence on what happens in our schools than any superintendent or school board member.”

“The Ingraham Angle” host added that the union’s “major political clout” affects many aspects of the U.S. education system, including “woke curricula, … school closures, [and] educational choice.”

Randi Weingarten
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Ingraham criticized Weingarten’s hesitancy to reopen schools, her position on mask mandates, and her position on a parent’s influence on the curriculum their kids are learning.

“What they did to our kids has been nothing short of devastating: [lost] learning, anxiety, lack of exercise, weight gain, depression, drug use, lost socialization. That’s just the start. All of that was brought on by the lockdowns that Weingarten strenuously advocated,” Ingraham said. “Did parents ever get an apology from her? Of course not, because she doesn’t think she did anything wrong. And even as mask mandates are being dropped everywhere, Weingarten is still refusing to budge.”

Weingarten said on Feb. 8 that she was in favor of “off-ramp on masks,” but on the condition that the spread is “low enough so that there’s no dissemination or transmission in schools.”

Kindergarteners wear masks  on Jan. 12, 2022, in Lynwood, Calif.
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Ingraham concluded that Weingarten’s favored policies are disastrous for the popularity of Democrats.

“During his campaign, Biden proudly promised to be a puppet for the teachers union, and that’s one promise he has kept. But if Biden continues to do that woman’s bidding, he may find himself struggling even in liberal states,” she said.

President Biden 
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“The longer the Democrats dance to Randi Weingarten’s tune, the stronger our populist movement will become. And only by beating them in 2022 and 2024, can we finally put this nonsense behind us and return our kids back to schools, real schools that really teach that are not only open, but responsive to the will of the parents.”

“And that’s the Angle.” 

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