I’m FURIOUS with fuel station that charged me 8p MORE per litre at the counter than on their sign – what are my rights? | The Sun

BRITISH drivers are experiencing the highest fuel prices on record as the cost of motoring goes through the roof.

But imagine having to fill up at these extortionate prices, only to find out you're paying even more than advertised at the counter.

That's what happened to Sun reader Derek Collings, who thought he'd take advantage of diesel priced at £1.91 per litre on a fuel station's sign for his van.

However, shortly afterwards he realised he had actually been charged 8p per litre more and went back to complain.

Derek told The Sun: "I work as an independent electrical contractor. Yesterday I was driving my van to a job in Bognor Regis. 

"I saw the Esso garage in Felpham Road advertising petrol and diesel for 191.9p per litre.

"It was lower than most, as the price has been going up daily recently and thought the garage must still be selling previous stock before the price rise. I pulled in and spent £30.

"Pleased with myself for spotting such a bargain I went to the job." 


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It wasn't long until Derek realised he'd been paying more than he thought for the diesel.

"A couple of hours later I returned along the same road from the other direction after finishing my job. I passed the garage but this time saw the price had soared to almost £2 a litre.

"I felt elated that for once in my life a was actually ahead, beating the price rise by just moments. 

"There were lots of people queueing at the pumps, tailed back onto the road. But all coming from one side of the road in one direction. 

"I turned around and saw the price on one side of the sign was different than the other."

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It was then that Derek realised he'd been paying too much.

"I stopped, looked at my receipt and returned to the Esso petrol station. 

"They argued with me and said it is my responsibility to check the price they actually sell it at is the same as they advertise. 

"When I said they can't do that I got waved away. The queues of people were only coming from the side of the road where the display was showing 191.9p."

Derek has reported the incident, but has been left out of pocket and is worried people are falling victim to the same mistake.

He continued: "I rang the Petroleum Officer at West Sussex Council in Bognor and got passed to the head office in Horsham. They took the details. 

"I rang Motor Fuels Group Ltd, the Chief Operator of the site and reported it.

"I feel totally cheated, it is wrong to advertise the price of fuel on a pole that can be seen half a mile away, only to be cheated at the pumps, it's sharp practice, straight theft."

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The Sun spoke to the counter operator at the Esso garage in Bognor Regis, who said: "Yes there has been a problem with our sign, but the correct price was displayed on the pump.

"We have engineers coming to fix the sign tomorrow morning.

"We won't be able to give people their money back as the correct price was advertised."

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