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A MOTORS expert has revealed the reason you shouldn't buy major car brand second hand.

Mechanic veteran Scotty Kilmer took to social media to urge drivers not to buy Ford cars with EcoBoost engines.

Scotty, who has over five decades of experience in the motoring industry, advised viewers against the old engine as it can cause endless problems.

In a YouTube video, he explained the issue with the Ford EcoBoost engine by showing a car with broken cam phasers.

He explained: "Everyone who knows these engines knows their problem with the cam phasers on these things.

"They have variable valve timing and the camp phasers have a lot of problems."

Cam phasers have the job of adjusting the position of the camshaft to the crankshaft -which are solid pieces of steel.

The devices regulate the timing and duration of the opening and closing of the valve system of the vehicle.

Scotty said drivers can find the chain scratched and the guides, tensioners and cam phasers will wear out as miles mount.

He added: "This car has like 169000 miles on it so everything is probably worn and if you have to change the timing chains then you have to change the guides and the piston rings.

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"When you put it under a load it just was advancing it too far which is going to make it run weird.

The 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6 engine was first fitted in 2013 in many Lincoln and Ford vehicles – including F-150 and GT.

Although the timing chain issues affected the first generation of cars, many second hand cars on the market are still affected.

Scotty has now urged drivers to not splash their money on repairs if they come across one as they will have to change the whole engine -mounting on a hefty bill.

He said: "It's really not worth half rebuilding an engine. You either do the whole thing or you get another car.

"There's time where is smarter to get rid of them because truth be told very few people know how to rebuild these engines correctly."

"They are so complex and on top of that even if a guy knows, they will have to buy pistons, right crankshaft, camshafts and more. It's more money than the car is worth."

Ford has been approached for comment.

It comes as the boss of Ford admitted that there is a major "challenge" with his own company's EVs.


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