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GETTING a parking ticket is anything but fine.

The little yellow hell raisers are often the number one gripe amongst motorists and can leave you heavily out of pocket.

But help is at hand.

The UK's premier parking ticket expert Tony Taylor has won over 7,600 parking ticket appeals for people at their wits end.

The 61-year-old who runs appealyourticket.co.uk is so good that he says parking companies "know me by name" after losing just 656 appeals in six years.

He shared his top 3 tips on what to do when you find a nasty surprise waiting for you on your windscreen.


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Private parking companies issue Parking Charge Notices, while police and the Council issue Penalty Charge Notices.

The catch is that private parking company tickets are made to look really official so people tend to think they are fines, but they are not.

"You would be surprised how many people pay their parking ticket without even appealing because it just frightens them, especially a lot of the elderly", Tony explained.

You should also not appeal straight away and instead wait until a letter comes through the post with a "notice to keeper" on it.

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Tony says at this moment it is vital to check if the letter quotes Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA).

If they do not, you are not obliged to reveal who was driving the car at the time of the incident.

Appealing only as the 'keeper' means the parking company then have to do the work to find out who was behind the wheel.

Tony noted how some companies then drop the case at this stage as the driver has not done the work for them by handing over all of their details, so it would cost them more in the long run.


This is especially relevant when you've been snared by ANPR number plate recognition cameras, usually found in supermarket carparks.  

Tony said: "Private firms must issue a notice to keeper within 14 working days of the alleged contravention. If they go over 15-16 days, straight away you do not have to name the driver."

The ticket boffin explained this is because the firm have failed their POVA requirements, as explained above. Quote this in your response ask them to cancel your ticket.

Tony explained: "Windscreen tickets have got 56 days to issue a notice to keeper, but with ANPR, they must issue a notice to keeper within 14 working days.

"Most of the public don't understand this and will pay it regardless."


It sounds simple, but it is important to remain calm if parking firms start pushing scary bailiff notices through your letter box.

And Tony said some firms hand court papers out "like confetti", but read the small print and get on the phone to them.

Often there is a simple solution whereby you can explain the events leading up to the letter and calm tensions before they boil over.

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Communication is key.

Contact Tony at [email protected] or on Facebook by clicking here.

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