I’m a cleaning whizz – my hack for keeping your car free from crumbs costs just 1p | The Sun

A CLEANING whizz has revealed their easy hack to keep your car free from crumbs – and it only costs 1p.

The motors experts at Tyroola advised drivers to use an everyday household item to keep their vehicle spotless.

They suggested putting silicone cupcake liners into your cup holder to catch any crumbs or spills.

The flexible material is able to adjust to fit the shape of the space, while making sure stray morsels don't get stuck out of reach.

When you're ready to clean, you can simply remove the liners and empty their contents straight into the bin, no mess no fuss.

Cupcake liners are not only incredibly useful but come at little to no cost from popular online retailers such as Amazon.


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They provide a quick and easy way to keep things tidy.

Any stray crumbs that they miss can be picked up with a hoover, but spillage should be minimal.

Other tips included using an empty gum pot for loose change, to avoid it cluttering a glove compartment or seat pocket.

Likewise, you can hang portable rubbish pouches off the side of your seats to provide an easy way to get rid of any waste.

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This stops rubbish from building up in footwells and is especially useful for making sure the kids stay neat.

It comes after one driver revealed an easy 20p household hack that makes cleaning car seats easy.

Meanwhile, motorists were urgently warned of fines as new road laws were introduced yesterday.

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