I'm a car expert – the miracle 15p hack that'll defrost your windscreen in seconds, & you have it in your cupboards | The Sun

FROM rain and sleet to harsh winds, chillier weather conditions are starting to sweep across the UK.

And if you haven't experienced it already, chances are it won't be long before you're met with the unwelcome sight of a frozen car windscreen – not what you want first thing in the morning!

Whether you're in a rush to get to work or on your way to a friend's house, there's never a convenient time to stand out in the bitter cold and scrape off the ice.

But the good news is, you don't have to…

That's because there's a miracle 15p product that can help to defrost your windscreen in seconds, according to experts at Car Lease Special Offers.

And the best part? It's already in your kitchen cupboards.


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As reported by The Express, the experts note that drivers can prevent the windscreen from freezing by pouring a solution comprised of three parts vinegar to one part water the night before.

Vinegar can be bought in supermarkets for as little as 15p.

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Elsewhere, others have also shared their speedy ways to get frost off car windscreens.

Amongst the suggestions include Dr Beckman's carpet stain remover – with one woman explaining how she uses the brush attachment that comes with the bottle as a "scraper" on the car.

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Elsewhere, pouring hot water into a sandwich bag and rubbing it against your frosty windscreen will do the trick, claims TikTok user Andrew Huston.

Others simply suggest parking your car in the right place to help melt away the ice on the windscreen.

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