I'm a BMW driver and I love getting parking tickets – they're VIP passes that are easier than finding my own spot | The Sun

A BMW driver claims he is happy to be slapped with hoards of parking tickets as stopping on double-yellow lines feels like "VIP parking".

Despite racking up a drawer full of parking penalties, the motorist says the lost money is worth it for his own convenience.

Taking to TikTok to share his expensive parking technique, @richardgreigdickson said it allows him to "get where I need to go".

The cheeky motorist said that a lot people have "the wrong idea" about parking tickets.

"That's not a penalty, that is an expense", he added.

While most drivers dread the moment they come back to a parking ticket on their windscreen, Richard said he was actually "happy to pay".

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While boasting that he drives a BMW, the TikTok user said a legal parking spot ran the risk of "some idiot smashing his door off your car".

Holding up his parking fines, he said they were a "VIP parking pass for the day" as they allowed him to get about "fast and efficiently".

But plenty of people were less than impressed with his pricey parking habit.

Despite claiming people should claim back their parking fines as he sees them as a "business expense", one user was quick to correct him.

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"As a former employee of HMRC let me tell you you CANNOT claim parking fines as a business expense", they said.

Another commented: "So just pay on double yellows where it's been deemed not safe to park and risk a life….. well done".

But Richard isn't alone in taking on the pricey parking technique, as another BMW driver also said illegally parking feels like a "VIP parking spot".

Luke Desmaris has paid 100 parking tickets totalling over £7,000 for his antics in the past year alone.

But he claims "money doesn't matter" so is happy to pay the yellow envelopes that amass on the windscreen of his £90,000 BMW M4 – despite threats he could lose his beemer if he carries on his ways.

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