'Idiot' driver BLOCKS person's front door as he is mocked online for 'terrible' parking

AN "IDIOT" driver, who parked so badly he blocked a front door, has sparked outcry online.

The mystery motorist was snapped blocking someone's doorway in a narrow spot between two houses in Scarborough.

The photo posted on a local Facebook group has been mocked for "terrible" parking with locals offended by the ridiculous stunt.

Police officers were pictured looking baffled as they tried to discover the owner of the obstructive vehicle.

The car has since been moved and it's unclear how long it was sat blocking the street.

But social media users had already been quick to make a joke of the driver's questionable parking.

One commented: "You can't park there mate."

Another added: "Unbelievable."

One sarcastic commenter said: "Quality parking,smashed it there mate [clapping and laughing emojis] who gave this person a licence god damn"

And someone said angrily: "I'd just put my old hob-nailed boots on and walk over the top of it – stamping down hard !!"

Two others thought residents should take matters into their own hands.

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One said, "Sell it for scrap" and another added, "Fire safety risk for occupants in the house – tow it".

The sarcastic threat comes after one furious man did indeed tow his neighbour's car because of an ongoing parking row.

After a year of parking issues at his apartment block, the frustrated resident could take it no longer.

Taking to Reddit to express his frustration, the man wrote: "By bad I mean there are parking spaces free but yet they park behind parked cars and block the road because our streets are narrow, or they park in paid parking spaces and they don't have a tag.

"There is barely enough room to fit through and it is right beside our dumpster that sticks out as well and it is impossible to see around because we live in a circle."

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