I tried three laundry detergent brands to find the best one

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Laundry detergent is crucial when it comes to washing clothing, and it is something used by everyone, no matter the brand.

It can help to remove stubborn stains such as mud, blood and make-up as well as fake tan. To see which one I liked the best, I put a variety of different brands to the test, including Ariel and Fairy.

1. Ariel All-In-One pods

Ariel-All-In-One pods are one of the most popular laundry detergents as they help to remove clothing stains even at cool temperatures.

The brand behind the detergent pods said: “Ariel is pivotal when it comes to turning your laundry temperature down.

“When you wash your clothes using a lower temperature, you can save up to 60 percent on your washing machine bills. In cold temperatures, stain molecules are tightly packed and move slowly, so they’re harder to remove, while when heat is added, molecules soften, begin to vibrate and move apart, making it easier to remove stains.

“That’s why you need specific technologies designed to perform in cold washes such as Ariel Pods’ Cool Clean technology.”

I did really like using these pods, placing one in underneath the dirty laundry, although I wasn’t a huge fan of the scent.

They can also be quite expensive, especially when buying a large bag, but laundry products in general are quite expensive. At the time of writing, Sainsbury’s is selling a pack of 39 for £10.

2. Fairy Non Bio pods

I absolutely loved using these pods and the scent is glorious, especially when mixed in with the Fairy Outdoorable fabric softener.

They are suitable for sensitive skin too and came in a recyclable cardboard box, with each containing a minimum of five percent plastic.

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I really liked this feature as a lot of detergent pods come in a plastic bag, similar to dishwasher tablets or a plastic tub.

The brand behind these pods said: “Fairy Non Bio pods gently clean and wrap your family’s delicate skin in huggable softness. Dermatologically accredited, the Fairy Non Bio range has been awarded the Skin Health Alliance seal.

“Unlike washing powers or liquid, Fairy Non Bio pods washing capsules laundry detergent have a unique multi-compartment design to ensure that each ingredient is released into the wash at the right time.”

At the time of writing, Sainsbury’s is selling a box of 40 for £9.50, or a bag of 51 for £11 on special offer.

3. Ecover laundry detergent

Ecover is an eco-friendly brand which sells detergent, washing-up liquid, hand soap and a variety of other products.

I tested out the bio laundry detergent in the incredible scent of honeysuckle and jasmine, which made my clothes smell luxurious, but there are lots of other scents available. 

The brand said: “Our powerful formula features plant-based active ingredients to help your clothes last longer. They fight against tough stains and revive colours and brightness.

“Removes bobbling from cotton fibres after multiple washes. Honeysuckle and jasmine fragrance with sunkissed honeysuckle and a watery floral bouquet of lily and jasmine wrapped by cedar wood.”

This detergent was lovely to use, but I did find the scent disappeared when the clothes were drying, even outside.

However, if you’re after an eco-friendly brand with refilling stations across the country, this is the one for you.

Sainsbury’s is currently selling this detergent bottle for £8, which provides Britons with 1.5L of liquid, equivalent to 42 washes.

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