I tried Kärcher’s ‘top of the range’ steam cleaner – thoughts

Cleaning the house is a tiresome job with products for every single chore possible, but the majority of them contain lots of harmful chemicals and can become extremely expensive. To tackle this, I put Kärcher’s Steam Cleaner SC 5 EasyFix Premium to the test which kills 99.9 percent of common household bacteria using just tap water.

The company behind the genius tool said: “The Kärcher SC 5 Easyfix Premium is our top of the range most powerful steam cleaner that harnesses the dirt-shifting power of steam to remove 99.9 percent of envelope viruses and kill 99.9 percent of common household bacteria, delivering amazing deep cleaning results using nothing but tap water.

“It includes all the attachments needed to make light work of removing grass from oven doors and hobs, everyday dirt from hard floors, stubborn stains from upholstery and carpets, and limescale and mould from tiles and taps, leaving your home effortlessly sparkling with no chemicals or scrubbing.”

It can also clean wall tiles, windows, mirrors and fittings. I was amazed by all of the jobs this device could do and couldn’t wait to test it out on various areas of the home. 

I first filled the 1.5L tank with water and set the device on before tackling my toilet taps. It took no time at all to heat up and the different power settings means you can target it depending on how powerful you need the steam to be.

I always struggle when it comes to making my bathroom taps sparkling, even when using lots of various cleaning products and so I was intrigued to see how this could work.

There are also various attachments and heads, one suitable for every cleaning job around the home. Once I had picked the small attachment suitable, I began to steam the taps.

They immediately started to look clean and the limescale on the end of the tap completely disappeared without scrubbing whatsoever, and I had been working to get rid of that area for quite a while.

The taps also were sparkling clean and I finished cleaning them with a microfibre cloth to remove any moisture from the device.

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I also tested the steam cleaner out on my wood flooring as well as my tile flooring in the hallway, which sees lots of foot traffic throughout the day.

It worked great, leaving my floor tiles shiny and clean, with the cleaning pad needing to go straight in the wash. I then went over the area with my usual floor cleaner to see if there was any dirt left which the cleaner missed and there wasn’t any whatsoever.

Kärcher said: “Optimal cleaning results on all types of hard floors around the home thanks to efficient lamella technology. 

“Contactless cloth changing without contact with dirt, and convenient attachment of the floor cleaning cloth thanks to the hook-and-loop system. 

“Ergonomic, effective cleaning with full floor contact, regardless of the user’s height, thanks to the flexible nozzle joint.”

I was also surprised to see the steam cleaner came with an attachment to clean carpeted floors, something which is unusual so I decided to try it out on my living room rug.

This is also an area which sees lots of foot traffic as well as heavy use from my pet cats. The carpet glider was so easy to attach, making the cleaning effortless and it was great knowing the germs and bacteria were being killed.

When it comes to cleaning tools such as this one, I often find that the attachments easily get lost unless they are put in a big and kept with the tool.

However, with this steam cleaner, all of the accessories can be stored on the machine, with compartments for them all to fit.

Despite coming with an instruction booklet, I did find it quite hard to put together so I resulted in watching a few YouTube videos to help me put it together.

The cleaning tool is great, with so many uses, making it a great all-in-one device. The only downside to the device is that it is quite large which means it can get in the way when cleaning small areas or intricate places.

It also does retail for £524.99 which is a huge amount of money for a cleaning tool, however I would say it is justified by all of the amazing uses it has. I also would hope for this price it would last for years and years.

In comparison, a generic floor steam cleaner can retail for anywhere between £50 to £200, but this has various other cleaning jobs it can do.

Kärcher currently offers an extra year’s guarantee when buying from them directly and this current steam cleaner is on sale for £434.99.

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