I made more than £1,300 profit on Facebook car flip – it’s a great side hustle and here's how I did it | The Sun

A MOTORS expert made more than £1,000 profit by flipping a used car on Facebook Marketplace, and it only took him a few days.

The man took to social media to show his users how he managed to make a decent profit selling a sporty Vauxhall Astra.

TikTok user @ryans_salvage picked the Astra up at an auction for £4,500 and paid £681 in fees and £250 for recovery.

The poster revealed that the tie rods were screeching, so he ordered a new pair for £40.

He also had to pay £60 for insurance and put £40 petrol in the tank, too.

Days later, he took his car for an MOT, costing him around £40 and also gave it a good wash.


I made over £1,400 profit flipping a car on Facebook… here’s how I did it

I made over £800 flipping a car – it was so easy and took me less than 24 hours

Then, he listed the car on Facebook Marketplace for £8,995, but he ended up selling it for £7,000.

The poster says: "Unfortunately, with the running costs, it was a hard seller, but I made £1,360 profit."

The video has gone viral on social media with more than 38,600 views and 56 comments.

And users were impressed after discovering the decent profit he made.

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One said: "Nice work, man. Where did you get your auction from?"

The poster answered: "What do you mean by hard to sell cos the running costs?"

The poster answered: "Hard to sell due to petrol price going up."

A third pointed out: "How long did it take to sell?"

The poster answered: "Just ten days."

This comes after a motors expert made more than £2,000 profit by flipping a car on Facebook Marketplace.

Plus, a motoring expert made more than £1,400 in profit by flipping a car on Facebook Marketplace, and it took him a few days.

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