I bought a £100k Tesla Model S and it looks like it was built by a group of toddlers – the quality is unbelievably bad | The Sun

A DRIVER who bought a £100k Tesla Model S claims that it looks like it was built by a group of toddlers.

The Tesla owner is fuming after discovering build quality issues with his brand-new, luxury EV – and now regrets buying a car from the US firm.

Reddit user @r/Wellthatsucks showed in his video how the rubber trim around the door frame was peeling away, and the plastic trim near the taillights wasn't flush with the body of the car.

At the end of the video, he also demonstrated how the exterior window trim was also coming away from the bodywork.

But the most concerning feature was the frunk (front boot) lid, which, when opened, was shown to be rocking back and forth.

He said on the video: "It’s open, and I’m tapping it, and the thing wobbles like it’s going to fall off the hinges. It’s unbelievable.


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"I understand Teslas are pretty much computers, and they happen to make electric vehicles, but the bits and pieces don’t fit."

Most commenters agree with the poster – and think that the build quality of Teslas is not good enough.

One said: "My friend just bought a Model X, paid over £80,000, and the brake lights don’t even match when they light up."

Another said: "A Tesla isn't a luxury car… It just has the price tag of one."

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A third pointed out: "My friend has the same model…Plaid. I can confirm the same quality build. But he showed me the dash bends and moves just as badly!"

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