Huge mistake people make when painting walls and how to avoid it – ‘the most common’

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Painting a room, and choosing paint for a room, are two important decisions it can be difficult, or very time-consuming, to reverse.

Painting an entire room only regret your colour choice costs money and precious time.

However, most people choose the wrong colour because they are making a very common mistake.

Home decorating expert Georgina Burnett, also known as The Home Genie, explained all.

The design guru, who is appearing at this year’s Ideal Home Show, spoke with exclusively.

She advised less can be more and practising caution is wise.

“When you’re told a colour is in fashion, that doesn’t mean you have to paint your lounge in it,” Georgina said.

“Sometimes less is more, and a fashionable colour would be better in smaller doses.”

Many choose the colour for their wall after looking at colour cards.

But these cards, Georgina said, could be misleading as they only show decorators what a small space looks like in the hue.

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Colours that appeal on a small card might feel very different when doused across your entire room.

Luckily, Georgina has a clever trick to work out what your chosen colour might look like in your room.

Georgina said: “One of the most common things I see is colour on walls chosen after simply looking at colour cards.

“You need to see sample colours on all walls at all times of the day so purchase a few sample pots and paint big sheets of lining paper and use masking tape to fix them to the wall.

“Do this with a few colours and move them around the room throughout the day so you can have a fuller picture of the end result.”

Paint trends 2022: What colour will walls be this year?

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Georgina detailed a painting trick for your home to make rooms appear bigger. 

It will make a room look “less cluttered”, Georgina said.

The expert explained: “Colour drenching furniture can help to make a room look less cluttered.

“Whether buying new or upcycling preloved pieces, if you paint your furniture the same colour as your walls it will be less intrusive on the room so you can include more storage items without cluttering the room.”

The Ideal Home Show, in partnership with NatWest, the world’s longest-running home and interiors exhibition, will return to Olympia London from Friday 11th to Sunday 27th March 2022. Georgina will be at the show on 15th and 21st March. For more information and tickets, please visit

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