How to winter-proof your home and garden ready for the colder months

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Winter means that the nights start to get colder and the mornings are dark and so a nice toasty home becomes even more desirable. There are many things that should be checked before the weather gets even colder to ensure that you do not have any nasty surprises when the temperature is at its lowest. From checking your boiler to winter-proofing your garden, here is everything that should be crossed off your checklist this month. 

Boilers are essential for winter in providing the warmth to the home that we all need.

To ensure your boiler is winter ready, it may need a service to detect if there is anything wrong with it or needs replacing.

Everyone’s worst nightmare is having a boiler break down in the middle of winter, leaving a home without any heat for several days. 

Next comes any draughts that need to be filled in order for the heating to work to its full capacity without any heat escaping. 

To cover a draught, filling gaps in the floorboards of covering up the bottom of the doors can help the cold air stay outside. 

Cleaning certain furniture is also essential before the cold weather hits.

Cleaning behind your radiators before you turn the heating on can help heat circulate around the home as well as preventing a horrific burning smell. 

Cleaning your fire out before you switch it on in the colder months can also help clear out dust that may have built up over several months.

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However it isn’t just the inside of the home that needs to be looked after.

Checking gutters is also essential because a gutter clogged with leaves, sticks and other debris can cause a leaky roof or water damage which can seep to the inside of your home. 

With lockdown causing thousands of people to spend more time outside, it is now time to head back inside as the cold weather sets in. 

Ben Dyer, CEO of Powered Now has shared his top tips on how to get your garden winter ready.

He said: “Replace your summer pots and baskets with evergreens and winter bedding plants – heathers and pansies are particularly versatile during winter.

“Clean up – make sure to deadhead and prune any summer and autumn flowering shrubs before the first winter frost. Make sure to remove any delicate plants or bulbs that might be susceptible to frost damage and place them in a cool, dry place.

“Rake the lawn – getting rid of any moss and waste will aid ventilation and drainage, which will help your grass establish firm roots during the colder months.

“Add nutrients – add compost or nutrient-rich manure to your beds now to make sure that your plants are healthier next year. Winter months are the perfect time to spread this around your garden to make sure your plants are happy, come spring.”

Bringing any outdoor furniture inside or covering it up can also help preserve it for the warm weather next year. 

Cleaning windows, especially when the cold weather has set in is important in removing salt, dirt and grime that may have accumulated throughout the year. 

This can actually etch the glass and cause damage to it over time.

More natural light, especially when the nights draw in earlier can help make a room feel more spacious. 

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