How to make a small room look bigger – 5 interior design hacks

Stacey Solomon decorates her wall with fejka plant panel

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With working from home becoming the norm for many of us this past year, we are spending a lot more time at home staring at the same four walls, and your bedroom, living room or wherever you’re working probably feels super claustrophobic by now. Buying a load of new furniture to freshen up the place could make the situation worse by taking up more floor space. Instead, move things around and be smart with your furniture choices. chatted to the team at Essential Living to find out how to make a room appear more spacious.

You can’t magic up more space in a room unless you have the permission, space, time and money to get an extension.

Fear not, there are a few ways to make a room look and feel bigger without spending money.

Property development company Essential Living reveals their top 5 tips for working with what you’ve got to make a room appear as big as possible.

Fold-away dining tables

Dinner parties are back in full swing and everyone wants to have the space for a nice dining table, but it doesn’t make sense to take up so much space if you don’t use the table every day.

With a small space, a large dining area can feel impossible, but you do not need to compromise your dream dinner party for floor space.

The experts said: “Foldaway tables are a great investment and we expect them to become a popular feature in smaller apartments in coming years.

“John Lewis and Furniture123 have some great options for extendable and foldable dining tables.”

Floor mirrors

Large full-length mirrors are all the rage right now and they’ll really help to make your room look bigger.

The Essential Living team said: “They may be great for seeing a full view of your outfit, but they are also an amazing way to open up a small space, making it appear twice the size.

“This is of course because of the reflection and illusion of depth.

“They’re ideal for rented apartments as you can prop large mirrors up in your living room, bedroom and even bathroom areas to add an imaginary few square metres to your space.

“Both The Range and Dunelm are great examples of places that have multiple options for full-length mirrors at reasonable prices.”

Lift the room

The right shelving can make or break a space, so pick wisely.

The experts said: “Walled shelves free up floor space and can make a space look more spacious and tidy.

“Lifting a space can make a huge difference when the space is only small.

“Storage taking up precious floor space is not ideal and means you have items to walk around.

“Instead, wall shelving draws the eye upwards and makes the room look larger than it is. If you are worried about putting up a shelf in your rented apartment, then you can also look at tall floor shelving as an alternative.

“Top tip: The higher the eye the larger the room appears. You can find great floating shelf options in most home furnishing stores including IKEA, B&Q and Wayfair – see here for some great options.”

Make sure your furniture isn’t too big for the space

Many people make the mistake of buying too much furniture for smaller spaces, and many also buy furniture that is a little too large.

The experts said: “Furniture such as large tables, bulky sofas may make someone feel like they can fit loads of furniture into their space but it actually makes spaces look a lot smaller.

“Clean lines and fewer cushions work to make your space feel bigger.

“You may even want to think about getting a sofa with storage underneath.

“These are a great way to store items like books, games and that picture you have to put up when the family comes over but do not want it on display at any other time.”

Tall plants

Tall plants make more sense than small shelf plants – it’s all about bringing the eye upwards.

The team pointed out: “Although some people may think that bigger plants will look like they take up more room, tall plants are actually great for smaller spaces because they lift everything up.

“Great apartment plants to invest in include parlour palm, bird of paradise, yucca tree, or the zz plant – a plant revealed as one of the best indoor plants for apartments by the Essential Living interior experts.”

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