How to get rid of spiders – the five old wives tales FACT CHECKED

Princess Charlotte’s love for spiders ‘unexpected’ says expert

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There’s nothing worse than walking into a room and seeing an unwanted guest crawling around. Knowing what to reach for to get rid of them for good is hard with so many tricks to choose from. False Widows and giant house spiders are lurking in properties around the country, and has debunked five of the most outlandish old wives tales so you can stick to the spider-banishing solutions that really work.


A popular old wives tale claims that chestnuts are a foolproof spider-repellent.

Found on chestnut trees, you’ll find these in abundance during the autumn as conkers begin to fall from August through to October.

It is thought that scattering chestnuts around the room will create an uninviting stench to keep the eight legged creatures away.

With no real evidence to support this, there’s many question marks about the effectiveness of this solution, staking the claim that is in fact just a tall-tale.


Walnuts have been claimed as spider repellents for the same reasons as the chestnut – the scent of which is thought to be unfavourable to these autumnal pests.

This is a myth debunked by The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture by experts in the US, working at the museum in Seattle, Washington.

Osage oranges

Spiders are claimed to despise the osage orange – a small green fruit which is round and lumpy in appearance.

According to the Brody Brothers, pest control experts, The Burke Museum claims this is unproven, although some studies show there is a slight cockroach repellent with these fruits.

As part of the mulberry family, osage oranges often fall as the autumn wind sweep them off the tree.

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This tree bears orange-sized fruit, a lurid neon green in colour, high up in the tree.

The autumn winds often bring the fruit down so the grass beneath becomes littered with these large, deeply wrinkled, green tennis balls – or as the horticultural staff call them, pickled gardeners’ brains!

Water spray

This one is not a completely mad one – in fact it is partially true.

If you spray anything on a spider web you are likely to destroy it and force the spiders to relocate.

Its ineffectiveness is proven by the spiders that will reappear across the room when you choose to do this – providing a very quick and temporary fix to your spider problem.

While the old wives’ tales may sound appealing as a quirky and unusual way to banish spiders, the effectiveness of these hacks may not live up to the claims.

Having debunked these pest control myths, what are the most effective solutions to your spider problem?

Clear out clutter

Cluttered spaces make for sneaky hiding spots for spiders so remove the clutter to avoid these autumnal pests lurking around your home.


Frequent vacuuming is a crucial step if you’re looking to banish spiders from your property.

Use long tube-like fittings on your vacuum to target those hard to reach spots and suck-up cobwebs from the high and low points of each room.

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