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GOOGLE Maps is the most popular app for navigation whether you're walking, cycling or driving.

It's certainly not cheap to opt for taking the car these days but if you do, chances are you want to avoid any unnecessary extra costs like tolls.

Fortunately there's a way, whether you're trying to get around the London Congestion Charge areas or any other paid roads.

Does Google Maps show London Congestion Charge?

Google Maps will warn you of any toll on your route – not just the London Congestion Charge.

It shows up when you set up a guided route.

What are the congestion colours on Google Maps?

Any toll charged routes show a small speech bubble on Google Maps.

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This is blue and says "Tolls" alongside a coin symbol.

You should also see the same tolls symbol at the bottom – it's a coin with a 1 digit inside it.

There's a warning icon too, which will say something like, "London Ultra Low Emission Zone".

Tap it and more information about it will be provided, such as whether your vehicle is impacted.

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Can I get Google maps to avoid Congestion Charge zones?

Google Maps has a clever trick which allows you to find a route without any tolls or charges like the Congestion Charge.

When searching for a route, tap the three dot icon in the top right of the app.

Select Options.

And switch on Avoid tolls.

Just remember, Google Maps can make mistakes so check the route properly before setting off.

And some alternative routes could add so much time onto your journey and actually cost you more in petrol.

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