How to decorate like Bridgerton: Five ways to get the Royalcore look in the home

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From rich upholsteries to urns brimming with blooms and trending antique mirrors, Royalcore has over 53,000 hashtags on Instagram alone, with more than 12,000 searches run for four-poster beds since February. It’s safe to say the surge in production of Royal-themed dramas has played a role in this influence.

According to global fashion platform Lyst, searches for corsets soared by 123 per cent while empire-line dresses increased by 93 per cent within the first four weeks of steamy period drama Bridgerton’s premiere.

The numbers rocketed so much that it prompted Lyst to curate a sister aesthetic to Royalcore, dubbed ‘regencycore’.

But the shows haven’t just influenced fashion trends, the aesthetics have also dominated the sphere of home interiors.

Georgia Metcalfe, style guru and founder of French Bedroom, said: “The Royalcore trend is well and truly in demand.

“In the past two months here at French Bedroom, we have seen an 80 percent increase in customer enquiries for royal style products to provide an interior makeover, including four-poster beds, silk bed linen and armoires.

“Whether it’s a magnificent looking bed or a smaller feature such as a cushion, the beauty of expressing yourself through this trend is that there is no limit to extravagance – the grander the better.”

From colour patterns to textures and ornate wallpapers, intricately carved beds to antique mirrors, the movement toward Royalcore interiors is prominent amongst UK homes. Experts have even stated the makeover has the potential to increase the value of your house by up to 86 percent.

With the popularity of this trend soaring, Georgia told five simple style tips to add a royal touch to any home.

Incorporate a regency style bed

A bed is the most striking interior feature that will provide a more regal feel. Whether it’s velvet or hand-carved wood, a bed boasting an intricately designed frame will nail any Royalcore look you’re trying to achieve.

Georgia said: “Four-poster beds provide a focal point for a period bedroom and heavy woods such as mahogany or rosewood will build an even more luxurious look, pair with damask sheets to create a strong aesthetic.

“If you’re more minimalistic, try a low footboard bed that perfectly matches the elegance of Daphne Bridgerton’s boudoir. In fact, you can almost replicate her whole room if you combine it with a graceful bench and a softly coloured floral bed linen.”

Style pastel hues

Throughout Royalcore aesthetics, pastel hues tend to dominate to make rooms feel bigger and brighter.

Georgia said: “Tones of ivory, rose, peach, lavender, and yellow were very fashionable during this period.

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“To create depth, seek out a range of pastel shades to include, such as soft blues, lavender, and green, which is seen in more lavish households.

“This doesn’t have to be limited to walls; apply contrasting pastel shades across furniture and accessories such as cushions and lamps to provide a subtle look.”

Create symmetry with antique seating

In the Regency era, people designed their homes for entertaining guests – seating areas were often mirrored to encourage conversation.

To accomplish this, Georgia said: “Design an area where two soft sofas are facing each other, and place a table in between.

“Choose armchairs with carved legs or colourful embroidered upholstery such as one made of blue velvet. If you have multiple visitors at once, a hand-carved mahogany sofa will offer an instant sense of royal opulence with its antique look, such as this Palais de Versailles Damask Sofa.”

Don’t forget the lighting

A key feature prevalent amongst most royal-esque period dramas is an impressive chandelier.

Georgia said: “It provides glamour and grandeur to any home. For a stylish look, make sure it is hanging over a table or in the centre of the room.

“Keep it modern by purchasing a gold design with glass droplets, which will offer a subtle finish in keeping with the royal style.”

Layer mirrors and paintings

Mirrors are a prominent part of Royalcore, offering a striking talking point while not quite becoming the centrepiece of the room.

Georgia said: “Incorporate a long ornate design around the glass as this provides a sophisticated look.”

You can take this design feature a step further by placing the mirrors next to beautifully curated paintings on the wall.

She continued: “Portraits of flowers, individuals, and ancestors are typically hung on the walls in a royal style home, but any painting from the past will create this aesthetic.”

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