How to clean a cheese grater – the 4 simple steps

Cleaning: Expert gives advice on caring for household items

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A quick grate of cheese tops off many meals, and if you’re a big cheese-lover, your grater is probably always covered in cheese. It’s difficult to get rid of all traces of cheese from a grater, but not impossible. Here’s how to clean a cheese grater.

How to clean a cheese grater

There are many strange hacks to cleaning a cheese grater, but this one works the best at removing cheese from every nook and cranny.

You need:

  • A lemon or potato
  • Washing up liquid
  • An old toothbrush
  • A scrub brush

Step one

The best time to clean a cheese grater is as soon as it has been used, but you can still clean it if the cheese has hardened with these steps.

Submerge the grater in a bowl of soapy water or a sink full of water and washing up liquid.

Leave it to soak for a few minutes to loosen up the dried cheese or other food particles, but take it out within 10 minutes to avoid rust developing over time.

Step two

Next, wipe the grater with a slice of lemon or raw potato.

Either works better than a sponge, which would easily be shredded by the grater.

Using a lemon slice or raw potato will loosen up the now soft cheese or other food particles.

Step three

Squirt some washing up liquid onto a wet scrub brush.

Use the brush to scrub the grater on both sides – going with the grain of the holes.

If you go against the grain, you’ll tear up the bristles.

Step four

If your grater isn’t clean yet or you’ve left it a while to clean the grater, use a toothbrush to get really stuck in.

If you’ve already used the toothbrush, boil it in a pan to sterilise it and then brush away the tiny stuck particles.

Finally, rinse away the soapy water and dry off the grater with a clean cloth.

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