How to change your Zoom background – including the Death Star and a tropical island

MILLIONS of people are flocking to video chat service Zoom as the current health crisis forces vast swathes of the world to work and socialise from home.

The app, which lets you effectively hold meetings remotely, has plenty of fun ways to jazz up your virtual encounters – including a bunch of wacky backgrounds.

Lots of people have been entertaining their colleagues by changing their Zoom backgrounds to look like they're somewhere they're not.

Backgrounds can make you look like you're anywhere from a tropical island to starring in an action movie.

Customised backgrounds are also useful if you don't want your friends or colleagues to see into your home.

To get making your own just follow the tips below.

How to change your Zoom background and create your own

To change your background on your desktop go into the Zoom app and click "Settings".

You should see the option "Virtual Background" to the left on the menu.

Once you've clicked this you should see a few default background options.

Click through to find a background of your choice or upload your own photo.

To upload your own click the + icon next to "Choose Virtual Background".

Then upload a photo you've saved to your computer.

To get rid of an uploaded photo just click the "X".

How to change your Zoom background on the smartphone app

If you fancy a change of background when in a Zoom smartphone meeting then click the three dots at the bottom of the screen.

This should open the "More" menu.

Then select a background or upload your own.

Where to get new Zoom backgrounds

There are tonnes of places where you can grab your next Zoom background.

For Sci-Fi fans, the official Star Wars website offers a treasure trove of Zoom backgrounds to make you look like you're in a galaxy far, far away.

For those who prefer the Marvel movies, the official Marvel Twitter account posted some free backgrounds for fans earlier this month.

For those who prefer travel snaps (such as a tropical island), Shutterstock offers a bunch of free Zoom backgrounds here.

Graphic design company Canva has also created a range of free backgrounds that you can use.

To check them out just click here.

How to sign up to Zoom

Signing up to Zoom is free and easy.

You just need a valid email address, and the willingness to accept Zoom's privacy policy and terms – which are fairly standard.

Anyone can sign up to Zoom by download the app, or heading to the official website.

You can find the Zoom sign-up page here: Zoom

How to join a Zoom meeting

To host a video meeting, load up the website or app.

Make sure you're logged in, then click New Meeting and Start With Video.

You can then share a link to invite other people.

If you receive a link to join a meeting, simply click it and you'll be taken to the right video conference.

Of course, you'll still need to have Zoom installed to join a meeting.

In other news, more than 500,000 hacked Zoom accounts are being sold on the Dark Web for pennies.

Google Maps is about to release ‘mobility reports’ showing hotspots where people are hanging out during lockdown.

And, a conspiracy theory claiming 5G has caused the Covid-19 pandemic is doing the rounds on WhatsApp.

Are you using Zoom during a lockdown? Let us know in the comments…

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