‘How I save thousands on my supermarket shop’ Pensioner shares his frugal food tips

Martin Lewis shares tips for saving money off your shopping bill

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After his partner Jayne sadly passed away eight years ago, 65-year-old Nick Daws has lived alone in Lichfield in Staffordshire. A freelance writer, Nick has had some health issues of his own which have led to him working less and having to tighten his belt.


His personal experience has spurred him to write a blog called Pounds and Sense where he shares some really useful tips for anyone looking to make their money stretch further.

His frugal food tips and advice on saving money and pensions and benefits are particularly useful for other pensioners and people living on their own.

Nick says that, although it can be tempting to opt for convenience when living alone, cooking from scratch is always cheaper.

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“Living on my own I’ve learnt to batch cook to save money,” Nick says.

“I also belong to a thing called shop and scan where I scan my receipts and I make the most of cashback sites as well. It’s small things that all add up.”

And he adds that when it comes to saving money on the supermarket shop, one of the simplest things people can do is shop later in the day.

“To save money, you can shop late in the day – ideally the hour before the store closes as this is the best time to look for bargains,” Nick advises.

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He continues: “Bear in mind that you can always freeze many foods if you can’t use them immediately – and in any event ‘best before’ dates aren’t set in stone.”

To make the most of savings when it comes to batch cooking, it’s essential to plan ahead.

With the cost of living soaring to new levels, many people could benefit from Nick’s tips when it comes to saving money on the food shop.

He adds: “We all lead busy lives these days. But it’s still good to devote some time to planning ahead where meals are concerned.

 “Try to incorporate things you have in stock already, especially perishables which may not last more than a day or two.

“And rather than buying unusual/expensive ingredients for one dish only, see if you can find other recipes to use them up.

“Batch cooking, where you make enough of a dish to last two days or more, is another great way to cut the cost of shopping.

“Of course, most dishes can be frozen if you can’t face having curry three days in a row!”

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Nick has been blogging and helping others save money for five years and as well as his frugal food tips, he recommends:

  • Growing your own food – Nick grows his own vegetables.
  • Making money from receipts – takes a little bit of time but can be worth doing.
  • Searching for coupons and vouchers – small savings add up.
  • Shopping later in the day – an hour before closing is ideal.
  • Making the most of cashback sites like Top Cashback and Quidco.

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