‘How I save thousands by batch cooking’ Mum shares her frugal food tips

Martin Lewis shares tips for saving money off your shopping bill

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Suzanne Mulholland started batch cooking after her first child was born 15 years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

She has even made a career out of it, saying goodbye to her job in the corporate world and setting up The Batch Lady, a blog to help others start their batch cooking journeys.

It all began because she didn’t have the time or energy to cook from scratch every night when the kids were tired, hungry and needed a bath.

She says: “It was easier for me to cook, when they took a nap or were at nursery, so I started making recipes that I knew would freeze well so I could cook when I wanted – not when I had too.”

The 45-year-old mum says it’s possible to prepare a whole week’s worth of food in just under an hour.

“You can make a ‘batch lady’ fish pie in five minutes, salmon and pesto parcels in five minutes or stuffed chicken breasts in 10 minutes,” Suzanne insists.

“It’s just all about what you make and how you make it. Many of the dishes I show people how to make are prepared in advance and cooked on the night.

“If you’re trying to achieve a lot of meals in a short space of time, simply plan your recipes so that you have some that need cooking such as Bolognese or a curry, mixed with some that don’t need cooking straight away.”

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Although Suzanne’s intention was to save time rather than money, she has found it works both ways.

“If you prepare in advance then you automatically stop panic buying and naturally save money,” she explains.

“Because you portion everything out when you batch cook, you save on food waste too. It’s a win, win really.”

She has a wealth of tips to share with her 65,000 followers on her Instagram page The Batch Lady – one of her top tips is to only plan four or five days out of seven, because it’s human nature to want a change every now and then.

And when it comes to saving money, batch cooking is one of the things people should definitely try first.

“The price of food has been increasing for some time now and from what we hear it’s not going to stop increasing anytime soon,” she says.

“Food is high up on the list of one of the main family monthly spends, so anything we can do to reduce the amount we spend is good.

“You don’t need to jump into cooking a lot of meals at once, instead choose a few meals that you eat all the time and batch cook these.”

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 “Eat one now and put one in the freezer,” Suzanne adds. “As you build up a good freezer stock you will naturally see that you spend less on those panic last minute runs to the corner shop, and you will also see that you can stretch food further.”

The influencer has been working with Pyrex to come up with new easy cook recipes such as Salmon & Asparagus Gnocchi Bake and Mushroom Alfredo Pasta.

A Pyrex study found that those who batch cook save around £1,100 each year on food shopping, rising to £1,440 for parents.

Suzanne’s recipes are ideal for novice batchers and have an average cost per serve of just £1.57.

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