How a 'bowl of water' hack can help you save hundreds on petrol and five other top tips to cut costs at the pump

WITH living costs soaring and fuel prices hitting record highs, Brits are feeling the pinch.

But some bargain hunters and motor experts have been on the case, revealing the secrets to slashing expenses at the pump.

And one intersting hack involves quite the unlikely liquid – water.

Experts at car leasing firm Vanarama have compiled a list of top tips to make your fuel go further.

Their first helpful hint is to simply drive more carefully – but how does that help you save petrol?

Each time you pump the brakes, valuable energy is lost due to the heat generated by the brake pads and discs.

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Revving your engine more than necessary creates a similar problem, therefore driving steadily with ease is an essential step.

Making a car work harder uses more fuel, so realising when you may need to break and changing gear in time helps you move more fluently.

To keep yourself in check, Vanarama say all you need is a bowl of water.

By placing the bowl of water on your passenger seat, it helps motorists anticipate their next movements.

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And if it spills, it means you should be driving more attentively.

Another of the driving experts' suggestions is keeping your car clean.

Cars are designed to be aerodynamic, but some things increase wind resistance and cause a fuel-draining drag – including clutter inside.

This means that your car uses up extra petrol because it's less streamlined.

External additions to your car such as roof bars, boxes and flags also do this.

Driving with your windows down has the same effect, with each of these factors putting a further strain on your vehicle.

Putting your foot down, or changing down gear in order to help get the speed up will use additional fuel.

Another of the firm's money-saving methods is keeping your fuel tank low – as it again adds unnecessary weight.

By only topping up with the fuel you need, you can budget better and use less petrol in the long run.

Keeping up with the general maintenance of your motor is another cardinal rule to live by.

By ensuring your tyre pressure is always on point, it will stop underinflated wheels from creating resistance on the road.

Low pressure can generate heat and friction, with research showing drivers can waste an additional 3% fuel for every 10% your tyres are under-inflated.

A further tip is to use your aircon sparingly, despite how tempting it may be to blast it for your entire journey.

This again squanders fuel, so try and get n the habit of turning it off when you have reached the ideal temperature.

But arguably the most effective way of lowering your fuel bill is to reduce the mileage on your journeys.

By pre-planning your ventures, drivers can cut down travel time by finding the best routes with the least congestion.

Daryl West, Head of Social Media and PR at Vanarama, said: "In the past week, the average price of petrol has jumped to £1.51 a litre, whilst diesel has increased to £1.55.

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"This, alongside the general cost of living increasing at its fastest rate for 30 years, may create further money worries for motorists.

"To help, we’ve shared ways to frugally cut your fuel costs – saving you both money and trips to the petrol station."

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