Housing benefit claimants may get payments early this week – Christmas rules explained

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Housing benefit can still be received by claimants despite the fact that it is being gradually replaced by Universal Credit. For those receiving the support there will be no set amount paid out and what’s awarded will depend on whether the claimant is renting privately or from a council.

This will also affect how a claimant is paid.

If a claimant is a council tenant, the payments will be made directly into a rent account and they won’t receive the money themselves.

Those who are renting privately or from a housing association will have the money paid directly into their bank or building society account.

In some rare instances, a person can also have their payment arrive by cheque.

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State benefits of all kinds can vary on their payment dates and this can be affected by bank holidays.

With Christmas mere days away, thousands of benefit claimants will likely need to get ready for payment alterations.

The government has detailed for benefits other than Universal Credit, the following changes could be forthcoming:

  • If the payment date falls on December 24, the money will actually arrive on December 23
  • If the payment date falls on December 25, the money will arrive on December 23
  • If the payment date falls on December 28, the money will arrive on December 22

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Beyond this, bank holidays in early January will also likely alter payment plans.

While most new applicants will need to get their support through Universal Credit, new claims for housing benefit can be made if:

  • the person is living in temporary accommodation, such as a B&B arranged by a council
  • they’re living in a refuge for survivors of domestic abuse
  • they’re living in sheltered or supported housing which provides them with “care, support or supervision”

To make an initial claim, a person will need to apply through either their local council or as part of a pension credit claim.

Claims can be made in advance by up to 13 weeks or 17 weeks if the claimant is aged 60 or over.

It’s also possible to get a claim backdated but to do this, claimants will need to contact their local councils.

Where a claimant is unhappy with a councils decision or action, they will be able to ask the council to reconsider it and if necessary, they can also appeal it.

Where housing benefit does not cover a claimants rent, it may be possible to apply for a discretionary housing payment.

These payments can provide extra money when a council decides a person needs extra help to meet their housing costs.

To receive this, claimants will need to approach their local councils again as the application process will differ from council to council.

The payments from this support can be used to cover rent shortfalls but can also be used for deposits or advances if a person needs to move home.

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