Holiday warning for Brit drivers who face £170 fines for not making simple signal when behind the wheel | The Sun

BRITISH holidaymakers jetting off to Spain this summer are being warned not to make a costly, but simple mistake.

Drivers may have to fork out £170 for not using their vehicle indicators correctly as the country attempts to crackdown on dangerous driving.

It is always worth getting to grips with a country's road laws before heading overseas this summer as a failure to comply could lead to huge penalties.

Spain's Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) has complained that far too many accidents are caused by the misuse of indicators.

To combat this, DGT will now be issuing fines of £180 [€200] for not signalling before a traffic manoeuvre such as changing lanes, turning or doing U-turns, overtaking and using roundabouts.

Those who don't use their indicators with "sufficient attention" could also have to pay £68 [€80] for endangering other drivers with their signalling errors.

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Juan Ignacio Serena, head of the DGT Driver Training, explained that the "omission or inappropriate use of indicators" can lead to "conflict and accidents".

He stated that is particularly relevant for overtaking, where the proper use of indicators is "essential".

Juan added: "They must always be used well in advance, depending on the situation and the speed of the vehicle and the type of manoeuvre.

"Drivers should respect the fundamental safety rule of Rear-View-Signal-Manoeuvre, in that order, otherwise, they will cause possible dangerous situations or even trigger an accident."

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It comes as tourists have also been warned about parking rules in Spain'sCanary Islands.

Unsuspecting Brits could be slapped thousands of pounds in fines for parking in non-designated areas in the Corralejo and Jandía Natural Parks.

The authority is currently processing 150 fines and sanctions for illegal parking, Canaria Weekly reported.

The fines could be up to £5,000 [€6,000] depending on the severity of the offence and whether the driver is a repeat offender and the fines will follow you home.

Meanwhile, there are 10 strange road sign rules in Europe that could land even the most experienced motorists in trouble with the law. 

For example, ignoring road signs in France can lead to a fine of £115 [€135], penalty points and a possible driving ban.

In Germany, unsafe passing violating road signs incurs a £256 [€300] fine. 

Beyond the continent, a series of bizarre road laws around the world that could catch Britons out.

In Australia, drivers can get fined for not locking their vehicles, while in the UAE camels get the right of way.

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