HMRC tax refund of up to £3,374 could pay for your energy bills – check now

HMRC discuss rules on hourly pay and back pay

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As the cost of living crisis continues to dominate the headlines, people are being urged to check whether they are sitting on thousands of pounds in unclaimed cash. One way Britons could pay for rising energy bills is by seeing if they are owed a tax refund from HMRC.

People who have never applied for a refund can backdate a claim for four years, resulting in a possible refund of £3,374.

Meanwhile, Britons should also check if they are due a rebate for working from home.

Those who worked from home during the 2020/21 and 2021/22 tax years could still apply for a WFH rebate, worth up to £250.

At the height of the pandemic, nearly eight and a half (8.4) million people were working from home.

The refund is worth £125 per year – even if people were only asked to work from home one day.

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Money expert at Hargreaves Lansdown, Sarah Coles said people should “take advantage of any tax relief we can get, and the working from home rebate is a no-brainer if you work for an employer”.

She added: “If you’ve been required to work from home at all, and your costs have increased as a result, you can claim for a whole year.

“You don’t need to produce paperwork to prove it and you don’t need to fill out a self-assessment tax return, because the Treasury launched a site to make it easier.”

The tax break is available to those who have been asked by their employer to work from home, as well as self-employed people who should include it on their tax return.

How much tax relief can I claim?

Six pound a week from 6 April 2020 (for previous tax years the rate is £4 a week). Or the exact amount of extra costs you’ve incurred above the weekly amount – you’ll need evidence such as receipts, bills or contracts.

Claimants will get tax relief based on the rate at which they pay tax. For example, if they pay the 20 percent basic rate of tax and claim tax relief on £6 a week they would get £1.20 per week in tax relief.

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The rebate will be paid in incremental monthly payments through one’s wages rather than in full.

Anyone who wants to make a claim should go to

Applicants should have their Government Gateway user ID and password to hand before getting started.

If they don’t have one already it’s easy to set one up, just follow the instructions.

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