Hannity torches Blinken congressional hearing: 'Is it possible for one person to be that stupid?'

Hannity reveals violence happening under the Taliban

Sean Hannity slams Biden’s handling of the crisis in Afghanistan and reveals what is really happening under the Taliban-led regime on ‘Hannity’

Fox News host Sean Hannity pulled no punches reacting to Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s congressional hearing Monday, questioning in his opening monologue on “Hannity” whether it’s “possible for one person to be that stupid.”

“Where is Mike Pompeo where we need him?” Hannity asked, calling Blinken “so totally and completely and utterly clueless it makes Neville Chamberlain look like Patton in comparison.”

“Tony Blinken is that dumb and a complete fool,” Hannity continued. “[He has] No clue about the real world. No clue or understanding at all about the enemy that is the Taliban. They are our enemy. They are terrorists. How dumb are you? How is it possible for one person to be that stupid?”

Hannity torched the Biden official for expecting “the Sharia loving Taliban to protect the rights of women and girls.” The host pointed to disturbing footage that appears to show Taliban fighters beating a woman who can be heard yelling out in pain.

“You’re not watching the videos, Tony? Not seeing any of the beatings we are showing almost nightly?” Hannity asked. 

“Blinken was lying as the world watched the Taliban on the move, they did nothing. When they had full safety and security in Kabul, they could’ve extracted every American and every Afghan ally and even the billions of dollars of military equipment. Donald Trump’s plan, the one that he had in place, we would had to keep Bagram airbase in perpetuity,” the host said.

Earlier Monday, three different Republican congressmen told the Secretary of State to his face that he should tender his resignation for his failed leadership in the region.

Hannity agreed, telling viewers that if Blinken has “any honor at all,” he would resign immediately.

“Antony Blinken is living an alternate reality,” Hannity said. “He should be fired or  impeached.”

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