Hannity slams New York Times, Maggie Haberman for 'fake' Pulitzer Prize

Hannity: Time for the media to start doing their job

‘Hannity’ host challenges the New York Times to ‘give back’ their Pulitzer prizes

Fox News host Sean Hannity slammed mainstream media, specifically the New York Times, for their biased coverage of President Biden’s “disastrous” first few months in office.

Hannity pointed out the President hasn’t made good on many of his promises to voters.

“Without a doubt, Joe Biden’s first couple of months, they have been an unmitigated disaster. He’s not even getting his radical New Green Deal socialist agenda through, as evidenced by tonight,” Hannity said. “If you’re dumb enough to rely on The New York Times as your sole, the only source for news, I doubt you would have any idea that ‘President Sippy Cup,’ that guy, is struggling and failing on every front.”

Hannity called out the New York Times for giving Biden glowing praise but failing to mention mistakes made with Russian leader Vladimir Putin and the various scandals plaguing First Son Hunter Biden.

“We call this biased by omission,” Hannity said. “For example, “The New York Times, like the rest of the media, says almost nothing about Joe Biden’s cognitive issues or massive inflation, or the unemployment rate, or the numerous scandals surrounding Hunter Biden, many of which implicate directly his father.”

The New York Times and mainstream media are contributing to an “information crisis” in the United States according to Hannity, who said they are attempting to protect the President. The host continued his criticism of the paper taking aim at journalist Maggie Haberman who relentlessly attacked former President Trump but appears to be going easier on Biden.

“Maggie Haberman covers Donald Trump nearly, get this, nine times more than the current president Joe Biden. When are they going to stop giving Joe and Hunter the benefit of the doubt, to quote them? It’s completely insane… Joe Biden is in the Oval Office, Maggie, Joe is in the Oval Office, maybe it’s time to start doing your job.”

Hannity continued to criticize the media saying, “They lie, they push their agenda, they push propaganda, misinformation and they pretend to be something that they’re not, journalists. They are in fact nothing but a modern-day version of Pravda.”  

Hannity also accused the New York Times and mainstream media of being more interested in destroying their political enemies than telling the American people the truth.

“Will Maggie Haberman, will Ben Smith, while their colleagues acknowledge that their deceptive coverage of Trump and Russia and phony collusion for three years, that makes them unworthy of the Pulitzer prizes they got? Do they plan on returning it? Do they not understand they didn’t deserve it? The reporters at the TImes got the biggest story in their lifetime wrong. Dead wrong.”

“They did the very thing they were complaining Trump did but didn’t. Not only did they get it wrong, they got fake Pulitzer prizes for the efforts. So Maggie Haberman, if you have any integrity, The New York Times if you have any integrity, give them back,” Hannity said.

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