Hannity: Nuking filibuster would be 'single largest power grab in modern American political history'

Hannity warns of Democrats’ ‘radical’ agenda to eliminate the filibuster

‘Hannity’ host says Democrats trying to eliminate the filibuster is the ‘ultimate power grab’

The growing push to eliminate the legislative filibuster indicates a troubling partisan “power grab” among Democrats seeking to advance their “radical” agenda at the highest echelons of the U.S. government, Sean Hannity warned Tuesday.

The “Hannity” host devoted his opening monologue to what he called “the single largest power grab in modern American political history,” warning viewers that “as we speak, there is now a full-court press to abolish the legislative filibuster in the United States Senate.”


Hannity argued that Democrats were hoping to get rid of the legislative process because “they know that the socialist utopia vision that they have … their radical bills will never get the 60 votes needed to clear the filibuster for the Senate. So now they will just change the rules.”

“Now the Democrats are in charge and it must be abolished and abolished immediately so they can just pass anything and everything they want and ram it down the country’s throat,” he warned.

“Here’s what you need to know about the Democratic Party: It’s filled with now the most radical far-left individuals of any major political party in modern history,” he continued.

“The only real principle is power over everything — over the Constitution, over the Bill of Rights, over the rule of law, over basic fairness and justice. They want one-party rule. They want it in perpetuity forever and ever.”

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