Handy hack to save money on your NHS prescriptions

Free NHS prescriptions to end from April? What you need to know

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Many in England are required to pay for NHS prescriptions, with free medicines only available for certain groups. Anger is simmering over proposed plans to scrap free prescriptions for the over 60s, which would set them back £9.35 per prescription – but there is a way you can shave hundreds off your prescription bill if you need regular medication.

The proposed changes by the Government would bump the qualifying edge up to the state pension age of 66 – which will become 67 in 2028.

Laura Cockram, chair of the campaign group Prescription Charges Coalition, said: “Charging for prescriptions would be a disaster for tens of thousands of people who may face a new barrier to accessing their vital medicines.

“Far from saving the NHS money, this proposal is likely to cost more and do lasting damage to the nation’s health.

“The proposal risks more people choosing between which medicine they can afford, or which bills they can pay.”

But for those who have to pay and those who could soon be forced to pay, there is a simple, NHS-recommended way to get your prescriptions for considerably cheaper.

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What is a PPC?

A prescription prepayment certificate is a “season ticket” of sorts for those who need regular prescriptions.

A PPC will cover all of your NHS prescriptions, including dental ones, regardless of how many medicines you need.

There are two types of PPC you can get.

You can get a three month PPC, which costs £30.25 and will save you money if you need more than three prescribed items in three months.

The 12-month PPC costs £108.10 and will save you money if you need more than 11 prescribed items in a year.

How much can I save?

If you need two items each month, you can save £116.30 with a 12-month PPC.

If you need items each month – you can save £228.50 with a 12-month PPC.

And even if you need as many as four items each month – you can save £340.70 with a 12-month PPC.

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How do I apply for a PPC?

PPC’s are easy to buy – but check you are not entitled to free prescriptions before you fork out.

The easiest way to buy a PPC is online via the NHS website, or you can call 0300 330 1341.

You will be sent a certificate of payment via email or via post, depending on what you choose.

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