Halfords issues urgent warning to thousands of drivers as it's revealed they pay 50% MORE for repairs at dealerships | The Sun

HALFORDS has issued an urgent warning to thousands of drivers – as it's revealed motorists pay 50 per cent more for repairs at dealerships.

The firm says car makers' franchise dealerships often charge much more than independent garages or chains like Halfords.

It claimed that common repairs cost on average 43 per cent more at BMW MINI dealerships than at Halfords.

Replacing a timing belt costs £576 at Halfords – but the chain said it costs £1279 at BMW MINI.

Ford is the most affordable dealership – but is still reportedly 14 per cent more expensive than Halfords.

Halfords boss Graham Stapleton said: "When you look at what some dealerships are charging for basic repairs, it’s clear that many car owners are paying much more than necessary.

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"Motorists can get their vehicles serviced and repaired at any garage that can follow the manufacturer’s requirements – with no impact on their warranty from the moment they drive the car off the forecourt."

The chain claimed that motorists spend about £200million more than they need to on car repairs every year.

Under law, equivalent equality parts can be used by other garages without voiding drivers' warranties – but one in three UK motorists routinely uses dealerships for repairs.

Brits are currently thought to spend around £21billion maintaining, servicing and repairing their motors.

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Halford based its comparison on quotes given to its "mystery shoppers" at 91 dealerships across the UK.

It comes after an expert car manufacturer said an easy air filter DIY job will make you motor last longer – and knocks £50 off your repair bill.

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