Gutfeld: Leftists realize now how far they have gone

‘The Five’: Will Joe Biden’s woke policies haunt him in Virginia race?

‘The Five’ discuss the closing Virginia gubernatorial race between Democratic Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin

“The Five” opened Tuesday’s show discussing the Left’s shock over the neck-and-neck race in Virginia’s governor race between Republican Glenn Youngkin and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe Tuesday. 

Greg Gutfeld said the race sent a strong message that was sent to the Democratic Party. 

“I think the Democrats and the media got caught by surprise by the real things that matter to American parents. You had for four years an outraged media and an outraged Democratic Party over Trump’s personalities tweets. The effects on their emotional state mattered more than dead bodies, right? Meanwhile, the real issues kind of slipped right by them,” Gutfeld said.

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris campaigns with Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee and former governor Terry McAuliffe in Norfolk, Virginia, U.S. October 29, 2021. REUTERS/Leah Millis

“Right now, it’s the leftists that are realizing how far they’ve gone, and they need somebody to pull them back in …. And now you have the CRT stuff. And you know, ‘being white at birth is bad.’ So [the Democrats are ] the ones that have gone too far. It’s now time for the Republicans to pull that back in, and this might be a sign for that, whether they win or not,” the “Gutfeld!” host continued.

Gutfeld said the outrage and power of parents was palpable, even if they didn’t emerge victorious in this election. “It’s less a partisan election – it’s a parenting election. It reminds me of the quiet guy at the bar who is being taunted and never gets up until finally, somebody knocks drink over, and then he beats the crap out of everybody. That’s basically what the parents are.”

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