Greg Gutfeld: The White House sees you as the problem, and themselves as victims

Gutfeld: Here’s how Jen Psaki outed the Biden White House as racist

Greg Gutfeld says when press secretary spoke to Politico about reports of tension in White House, her answer revealed a bigoted White House

Speaking of a jumble of chaos and confusion. Jen Psaki. In an effort to play the race and gender card, she ended up throwing her administration under the bigoted bus. Following a CNN report on the dysfunction in the vice president’s office, Psaki told Politico it all comes down to…you guessed it: sexism, and racism! I mean…there’s no question!!

Jen Psaki: She is the first African American woman, woman of color, Indian American woman to serve in this job. Woman. I mean, so many firsts, right? It’s a lot to have on your shoulders // she is somebody who, at a much higher level than the rest of us, but who wants to be seen as the talented, experienced, you know, expert, substantive policy person, partner to the president, that she is. But I do think there have been some attacks that are beyond because of her identity.”

So, to quote the TSA agent who works the x-ray machine and spotted objects in the shape of summer squash and a melon ball scooper over the weekend, let’s unpack this. CNN had reported this growing infighting as an exclusive story. Meaning, it came from the White House. 

Now maybe CNN could have just made it up, like the Russian collusion story, but this story had too many integral facts coming from too many sources. Fact is, if the White House wants a story out there, all it has to do is pick up Biden’s Sports Illustrated football phone — and it’s on CNN faster than Stelter’s pudgy fingers on a powdered donut.

So, when Psaki claims that “some attacks” on Harris are based on her identity, she’s actually referring to the very criticism that came from the White House. Meaning, Joe and his staff are having a problem with women of color. They’re the white supremacists!

How does it feel, Joe? Turnabout is fair play, after your Rittenhouse smear. Remember, Joe went to a funeral for a grand cyclops – which is not a person with a zit in the middle of their forehead. It’s the title of a higher up in the KKK – Democrat Robert Byrd. He probably didn’t even check his watch during that funeral. 

Joe’s also made fun of Indians before, observing that they only work in 7/11s. So Jen must be talking about Joe. But it’s hard to tell since Jen unloads more crap than Joe Biden after three bowls of all-bran. I know — another poop reference. Was that too much Phyllis?

Clip of woman saying she loves Greg’s poop jokes

Can’t argue with Phyllis—she’s a national treasure. 

So whenever there’s a problem with these clowns, it has to be because we’re all racists and sexists. Right? It’s never about their incompetence or callousness or loathing for average working-class Americans – which is just another form of bigotry. A coal miner could finish a 10-hour workday with soot on his face and they’d call him out for black face. 

This is really about the VP in turmoil — which is the only kind of oil this administration will allow. Time for the next chapter of – In Search of Kamala Harris? 

It has been a tough search so far. But thankfully we were able to catch up with her earlier today. Yes, we scored an exclusive one-on-one interview! 

Skit of Greg interviewing a toaster rather than person playing Kamala Harris over fear of being canceled

What? You’d think we’d really get an actual person to impersonate Kamala Harris? We tried to talk Harris Faulkner into it – but she said dinner at Fuddruckers wasn’t enough. Fact is – you can impersonate anyone — except the protected classes designated by the legacy media as if they’re on a “do not disturb” list.

Remember when SNL forced poor Fred Armison to impersonate Obama, and they made him boring, so as not to offend anyone? It’s really the worst insult: we don’t think you can take the criticism. Which allows some of the biggest crooks to get away with anything. Hell, some can even marry their brother! 

So it comes down to this: when in trouble, smear the others. When in doubt, call the bigots out. Call ’em racist. Call ’em sexist. But never call for the truth. It’s the difference between this White House and the previous one.

Who did Trump go after? The media… China… The NBA… The NFL… Democrats and Republicans… And celebrities. He punched up – not down. He didn’t single out citizens, or voters.

Here, the White House sees you, the individual as the problem. And they see group identity as its protection. It’s a racket. They’re the victims — even when they’re in power and you’re not. 

This article is adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue on the November 18, 2021 edition of “Gutfeld!”

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