Google Maps sighting of 'UFO soaring through sky' is actually something truly disgusting

A REDDIT user who claimed to have spotted a UFO on Google Maps has been shutdown by other people on the platform who say it's just bird poo.

User @joshmanchaz posted a strange screenshot from Google Maps on a popular Reddit thread called r/GoogleMaps.

The photo features a suburban American house with a strange saucer like object in the sky above it.

The Reddit post was captioned "Did I just find photos of a UFO/UAP??!!".

But the excitement of @joshmanchaz was soon dashed when other users took to the comments.

One said: "I think you found bird s**t on the camera."

Another joked: "Interdimensional bird turds?”.

One user also explained: "Omg haha… have you used Google street view much?

“It’s full of artefacts from the stitching of the 360 cameras. This is certainly one of them.”

This isn't the first time someone has thought they've spotted a UFO on Google Maps or Google Earth.

Last month, a mysterious "metallic object" was spotted on Google Earth by a popular YouTuber and he thinks it's a UFO.

Graham, who works on the Conspiracy Depot YouTube channel, believes he's spotted a suspicious triangle shaped-object submerged off the coast of an icy island in Antartica.

In the description of the video he explains: "Laying in the waters near Two Hummock Island off the coast of Antarctica rests a large metallic object partially submerged by the waters seen clearly on Google Earth.

"I believe this object to be triangular but who's is it?"

The recently posted YouTube video sees the conspiracy theorist zoom in on the island via Google Earth.

He then points out the object in question and estimates its size and shape.

He explains: "I don't think this is natural. It looks nothing like the surrounding terrain."

The YouTuber claims there's not "disputing that this object looks metallic" but that's very much up to the viewer's discretion.

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In other news, scientists have identified the place where aliens are most likely lurking in the Milky Way.

Aliens may have dropped life-detecting sensors onto Earth, according to a Harvard University professor.

And, the European Space Agency has revealed it will be sending a probe called EnVision to study the planet Venus.

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