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GOD of War Ragnarök’s best armour, the Steinbjorn Armour, is not the easiest to find.

It offers the most protection in the game, so if you need help with taking hits, read on to find out how to get your hands on it.

How to use God of War Ragnarök’s Mystical Heirloom 

In the main story you’ll unlock a Relic called the Mystical Heirloom.

If you read the description, it says: “Awakens something dormant, deep down inside of the bearer. 

“It seems important, but doesn’t seem to have any practical application in combat.”

If you’ve been paying attention to the lore, you’ll know that the troll statues that you see all over the map are actually just sleeping trolls.

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These can be woken up with the Mystical Heirloom.

Where to find Slumber Stone in God of War Ragnarök

The trolls will fight you as soon as you wake them up, so don’t do so until you’re ready.

When you defeat them, they will drop Slumber Stones, which can be used to make the Steinbjorn Armour.

You will need to take them to the blacksmith in order for him to transform them for you.

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Where are the sleeping trolls in God of War Ragnarök

Sleeping trolls can be found in three different locations. They are:

  • The southwest corner of The Forbidden Sands.
  • Noatun’s Garden.
  • The Derelict Outpost in the Lake of the Nine.

You need to beat them in all three locations to be able to craft the Steinbjorn Gauntlets, the Steinbjorn Waistguard, and the Steinbjorn Plackart. 

What are the stats of God of War Ragnarök’s Steinbjorn Armour?

Once maxed out, the Steinbjorn Plackart offers 190 Defence and triggers healing when near death if you attack.

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The Steinbjorn Gauntlets offer 34 Strength, 85 Defence, and give a moderate chance to stun enemies when you take a hit. 

The Steinbjorn Waistguard offers 119 Defence and also stun that stacks with the gauntlets. 

Written by Kirk McKeand and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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