Gabrielle Giffords, Who Survived a Shot to the Head, Says U.S. 'at Crossroads' with Gun Violence

The former Arizona lawmaker gave her remarks following a brief speech by Indiana mother DeAndra Dycus and a montage showing 20-year-old gun reform advocate Emma Gonzalez speaking out following the 2018 mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, that she survived.

Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow died in the 2011 Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, will speak at the Republican National Convention next week.

Dycus delivered pre-recorded remarks, focusing on her 13-year-old son DeAndre Knox, who was paralyzed by a stray bullet. Knox is now 19, but the shooting left him a quadriplegic and unable to speak.

"Everyday we're reminded that he may never be the same," Dycus said. "President Trump, he doesn't care. He didn't care about the victims after Parkland, Las Vegas, or El Paso. I want a president who cares about our pain and grief."

Giffords went through an extensive recovery process following the 2011 shooting. She returned to the House floor seven months later, in August 2011, and received a standing ovation from her colleagues.

The former lawmaker, who advocates for gun reform through an organization bearing her own name, called on viewers to vote for Biden in November. Her husband, Mark Kelly, is running for the Senate in Arizona this year as well.

"Vote, vote, vote," she said Wednesday.

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