Fox News and the Drudge Report praised Biden's 'barn burner' DNC speech, despite attacks from Trump

  • Fox News hosts and analysts are praising Joe Biden's Thursday night speech accepting the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.
  • The influential Drudge Report aggregator site also led its coverage with positive commentary on Biden.
  • Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace described the address as "enormously effective," while anchor Dana Perino described it as like "hitting a home run on the ninth." 
  • Laura Ingraham, one of Trump's strongest supporters on the network, conceded that the speech "did beat expectations," during an interview with the president's son, Don Jr.
  • The praise for Biden on Trump's favorite news network is likely to rile the president, who has previously attacked Fox over coverage he believes is insufficiently positive.  
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Joe Biden is winning rave reviews for his speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination on Thursday night — even from usually-critical pundits in conservative media. 

After Biden's speech aired on the final night of the DNC's first-ever virtual convention, Fox News anchors, hosts and analysts delivered their verdict, and it was one likely to rile President Donald Trump. 

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace described the speech as "enormously effective." 

"Remember Donald Trump has been talking for months about Joe Biden as mentally shot, a captive from the left," said Wallace.

"And yes, Biden was reading from a teleprompter in a prepared speech, but I thought that he blew a hole – a big hole in that characterization."

Previously, Fox News hosts and contributors have echoed the Trump campaign's central attack against Biden — the claim that he is in cognitive decline.

Trump responded to the speech by characterizing it as "just words," and offering his long history in politics as proof that he is unlikely to prove an agent of change.

His response came while Biden was still speaking, but commentators largely declined to follow Trump's lead.

Anchor Brett Baier also praised the address, describing it as "the best he's seen" in his Biden's campaign for president. "This is what he needed to do," Baier added.

Dana Perino, a Fox News anchor who served as George W. Bush's press secretary, after the speech said Biden "just hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth."

Analysts on the network also gave glowing reviews.

Karl Rove, the architect of Bush's two election victories, said that the speech was "very good," and that if he were a GOP strategist working on this year's presidential campaign he'd be worried. 

Laura Ingraham, one of Trump's loudest cheerleaders on the network, later seemed to take Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr, by surprise when she too praised the speech. 

"He did beat expectations, Don," she said, and Trump Jr abruptly stopped smiling. "I mean, people were expecting him to flub every line and have a senior moment."

Meanwhile the Drudge Report, the aggregation website once beloved of conservatives, led its coverage of the speech with the headline: "Biden Barn Burner" and linked to commentary that he "crushed expectations."

The positive coverage of his Biden's address, in which he claimed Trump is dividing and exploiting America, is likely to rile the president, who in the past has complained about Fox News coverage he deems insufficiently loyal. 

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