Fox Nation teases upcoming 'COPS' Season 33 debut with free episode

Fox Nation teases upcoming COPS’ S33 debut with free episode

Episode 2 of the soon-to-be-released Season 33 of COPS available for free on Fox Nation.

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Fox Nation, the streaming service complement to Fox News Channel, has announced it will inherit the rights to the hit series “COPS” after it was canceled in the wake of the George Floyd protests. Fans of the award-winning, long-running series can now access Fox Nation to catch a free episode from the rebooted season, available for subscribers and non-subscribers alike to stream now.

The free episode, the second installment of the series, features a determined quad driver who attempts to outrun police. Also featured is a deputy who has doubts about a man’s professed distrust of banks; and a man who ignores obvious red flags when buying a moped — and ends up paying the price.

The series, which will see its revival with a Season 33 this October, follows city police officers across the country during patrols, calls for service, and other police activities. The show has also featured both state and federal agencies, including U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the United States Marshals Service.

The 8-episode revival season is slated to air on Friday, October 1, with Fox Nation releasing four episodes for fans to binge. Each Friday thereafter, an additional episode will be released until Friday, October 29.

COPS is the recipient of four primetime Emmy nominations. In 1993, it earned the American Television Award for Best Reality-Based Program. Sign up on Fox Nation to watch the reboot this October.

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